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"So good for the soul. Beautiful music, Matt. Really enjoying listening. All the very best..."Joe Figg Sunday, May 25 at 2:05 PM

"awesome sound..... stopping thru to show some LUV to the movement......" 1LUV ~SLIC~

MR SLIC - Reverbnation

"This is brilliant reggae music. Great vocals and performance. Loved it!...Paul"

“ "Great vibe, and fantastic lyrics in "I'm only human". All the best from Reading."”

"Great work Matt!!! Love your vocal style ..."I'm Only Human is unforgettable!!! love from Tom and Linda"

"Great music.Loving the vibes":

"Lovin' the music here, excellent stuff. PEACE and best vibes sent your way". ;@)

"Oh.. yeah!! This is cool page of reggae. I love your style man!! Groovy music, nice vocal. Let's move the body follow the music ladies 'n gentleman.. Keep up your cool talent! Good luck".

"War is a beautiful, powerful song. Love your voice". Frank Smith

"Wonderful sound and lyrics! I'm Only Human!"

"Great list of songs Matt! Your lyrical style is excellent".


"love your originals and bob marley covers 2---lots of heart-n-soul here Matt----makes me want to go back to jamaica every time i listen ---missin jamaica"

"Music of the people man!..Listening the vibes!"

"Great work and sound colors on "Black Anthem"!!

"I Like the way you sing Matt ... really makes one Sound and well.. Happy Weekend !"

"Matt, WAR / NO MORE TROUBLES is outstanding. Everything reminds on songs of the legendary Bob Marley...the sound...the way you pronounce and put emphasis on your vocals...fantastic job, congratulations".

"Black anthem & Globalization! Awesome tracks bro! KA-BOOOOOOOM!"

"Only Human" immediately calls up Bob Marley and the I-3's. Infectious beat!!"

"Heard 3 tracks of ya Matt. Super stuff - I really love your blendin'. The third track made me also think of Black Ayo, A Maurician band. The second, made me move my ass out of the chair, and the first gave me a really chilled feel. Love ya".

"You are a wonderful artists, we may not be able to meet all the support you require, but love is the least we can give. Talk to us please, how is your dreams coming along? And by the way, this song is a dedication to you, please download and remember that we care, every time you play it"

"Matt ... you make my day beautiful ... Your track 1 is a hammer!"

"Heiii . I like This Very Nice ( we say in Norway .Pen) Reggageeeeeeeee - and Your Messages too - Very Good Work Matt!"

"Sampling your work siz and they are really nice, how do you do this? Wish we could work on a single together" :

"Great music MattBlack!!"

"Your music is very special. I'm really digging "War" today".

"I thoroughly enjoyed your music! You have such groove! Keep up the fantastic work! -WoJo" <3

"Gonna try new dance -moves at the Jamaican beach now to this excellent Reggae ! All the best,wishes,Leon".

"I’m LOVING As Far As I Can See! Your stuff is great... All the best",

"Found you on FB and liked! Stopping RN by now to appreciate your great talent!"

"Thanks Matt---jah rastafari---really diggin up on your reggae vibes--hittin the play all 4 u today again and wishin the best 4 u always---Renae"

"All the right notes in all the right places. Love the vibe!!! C"

"Totally feel where you are coming from on that "I' m only human" track. Nice work!"

"No doubt The Sun Is Shining here on this music site! Great work. Have a nice weekend. Love, Judy Shire xx"

"Listening to "Sun Is Shining" and knowing I'll be here for the rest. This is one of my top listening playlists. You're amazing!"

“ "Stoppin by for a listen to absolutely some of the best Reggae on Reverbnation ;)" ”

"This singer's voice presents a freshness which is only drawn from hope and vision . . . I love Reggae, but not all singers have that special kick in their voice and energy . . . Matt Black has that gift to sing the music . . and express the longing we all have for peace and love . . ." ************************************* "Nice FaceBook page too": https://www.facebook.com/mattblackmusician

"Thank U my wonderful and amazing talented fellow artist Matt Black"

"I can listen to this music for hours! Oh ....wait....I have been and I'm still here loving it".. ;-)

"From Jamaica to the UK and beyond, these tunes are not to be missed. Outstanding musicianship coupled with a cool groove".

"Righteous grooves with an irie vibe> I'm diggin' it all brother... Respect)))Rocco.."

"had to play them all n I'm sober so... Respect Matt"

“'Wonderful music!"”

"Enjoying this sunny Saturday afternoon while listening to your tunes and really enjoying your music. Greetings from Valencia DJA.."

"Hey Matt! My day wouldn't be complete without a listen to your superb Reggae!"

“ "It's definitely a beach party today here with your music. Fantastic!!!!"”

"Just dropping by to show some appreciation for your music. Your lyrics, your style, and your beats are just awesome! Great background images too! Congrats on a well-deserved #1.."

"Your energy is incredible. Your music reflects your soul. Nice to meet you. Peace and harmony to you as well.."

"Stopping by to show some love Matt, I'm only Human Rocks! Have a killer week my friend..."

"Chill vibes and innovative percussion - this sound's got a lot of soul and passion. This is music the whole world can join in applause - "I'm a Human Being" - what spirit!" ~Matthew

"Hey Matt! Back for more. Can't get enough! Listening to "Peace n Harmony". That's what it's all about: peace and harmony. Loving all the grooves, man! Irie! Lon.."

"Back for more of your sensational songs and sound. You compose and perform with skill and passion..."

"Matt Black.. you are a true Jamaican with a mission and a purpose in life. Keep the music industry a floating".

"Hi Matt, It's a pleasure to be a fan of your music".

"You are so cool - Loved listening Respect from Charlie"

"Great to have you as a Friend and supporter" ! www.facebook.com/courtneydickinsonmusic

"Loud n Loaded proudly supports Matt Black ! Great music here"!!

"nice page and fantastic artist"....

"Hey Matt! SO glad you introduced yourself on reverbnation! Your music makes me smile--sunshine happiness that I could listen to all day long. Love it! Keep up the great work, my friend! I'll be back often to groove on your songs"! Lon from The Space Sharks

"i'm only human is so hauntingly like bob marley".

"Hey Matt! IMAFAN! I loved "I'm Only Human". Gonna download and use it at my next summer party! Gonna support you...Blessings," Peg

"Sun is really shining on this page!!! Great music" :D

"i'm hearing the ghost of bob marley on i'm only human!"

"Cool and laid back Matt Black spreading his brand of dance roots reggae culture for all to share.."

J.T.Chadra - AfricaRisingStars