Matiu "The Hook" Te Huki / Press

“Matiu is a very professional musician and great to deal with. We love to have him playing in here and bringing his awesome soul energy.... His picture is already on our wall of fame!”

Roots Bar~Takaka NZ

“I tell ya... Your medicine Is your music... Straight from the heart and the depths of your soul. You are a warrior of word n rhythm - inspiring peeps to look within n re switch the light inside their own souls. Thank u incredible you!”


“Politically and emotionally uplifting”

Green Party Politician

“Matiu's music uplifts my soul and takes it dancing then when he begins to sing it takes me on a magical journey of life, soul and vision”


“Matiu's music is soulful, creative and inspiring. It is a unique blend of Aotearoa home grown roots and vibrant hooks that will keep you jammin 24/7”

Community leader

“Matiu has an energy that adds soul, insight and compassion to his music that is sorely lacking in today's pop”

Mother of teenage boy

“Soulful groove that makes my spirit happy”


“An honest reflection of the soul that connects and interacts with the soul of the listener... 'music' to more than just 'the ears'”


"Matiu is not just a musician, he is a life coach, an artist, and a catalyst for change", "He inspires youth to strive to be the best they can be, to pick up their lives and dance to the rhythm of their own soul."


“Matiu's music gets the booty shaking and the heart resonating. Authentic and uplifting, a night on the Te Huki dance floor is like a big fat bear cuddle for the soul. ”