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“Matina Z is going to save rock'n'roll. You heard it from me first, people. :) This girl can rock and you'd better take the opportunity to see her live in such an intimate location before she starts filling venues that are way out of your price range. You owe it to yourself to hear good music, and if you love rock'n'roll, you need to check this out. Every so often, we come across an artist that has not only talent, but integrity. Matina Z has both in spades, and you can't help but like her even more when you realize how humble and down to earth she is. She has the kind of poise you expect in someone who is in their 30's. But Matina Z is not 30 . Nowhere close. And yet on stage she's an old soul. She can sing, write her own music, and plays both the guitar and the piano.....fronting her own rock band. And you can catch all of that this weekend, July 27, 2013, in Aurora, Ontario. More about that in a little while. :) ”

“Matina Z Rocks! Rock'n'roll is NOT dead. You just have to look for it. The airwaves are riddled with sound-alike artists, many of whom have gotten their start on reality tv shows that ask the country to “vote for your faves”. On Saturday, July 27, 2013, Aurora, Ontario was graced with the presence of live rock'n'roll music at Town Park. The concert was part of a 3-day music festival which celebrated local talent from various musical genres. I'm a sucker for rock'n'roll so I tend to gravitate towards artists that are capable of bringing a crowd to their feet with a heavy guitar sound and the bass of a kick drum. Matina Z and her band did not disappoint. I featured a Q & A with Matina prior to her concert, and when I got to Town Park she graciously thanked me for the write-up. Polite rock stars. Gotta love it. Matina mentioned in her interview that she's a big Dave Grohl fan. He would have been proud on Saturday night knowing that the moment he decided to hang around in a garage in”

““That just motivated me and showed my hard work and dedication is paying off, and it inspired me to continue my journey,” she says. “Most of my ideas come from what I see going on around me and I have a great group of friends. We always talk and we’ll always tell a story, and someone immediately says, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to write a song about this!’” Thankfully, she adds, they are usually pleased with the results! “When I put a song out there, my main goal is to put it out to as many people as I can because even if it just touches one person, I feel like I have done my job,” she says. “I get a great joy from it and I just want to get to as many people as possible. When I perform, I see people are having a great time and I love it when they come up to me and say my songs are songs they can actually relate to. It shows they are listening to the lyrics and paying attention to it.” Her ultimate goal? When asked, she replies evolution as an artist but when prodded a li”

"What a voice. This track is fire!! Major heat from the North!" - Geoff Gibbs Serious Sound Inc./Paramount Recording Studios (direct response to track REALM 218 from Whispers In The Dark)

Geoff Gibbs Serious Sound Inc.

"Awesome! She has a good rock and raw vibe with her songs. Loving the Lady's sound. Look forward to hearing some more." - Charla, MD, PEACE FM

Charla - Peace FM British Columbia

"Amazing talented artist!"

"Exclusively for Italian Liveradio365, we present the first single from Matina Z".."her debut album, expected soon."..."Having reached the 2nd position of our Rock Parade. We're talking about Matina Z , a young Canadian singer (of Greek origin) from Newmarket, Ontario. A strong believer in her talent, Matina Z has decided to invest in herself by using social networks to make known to the general Canadian public first and then also the U.S.. After having presented "Realm 218" published during the holiday season, now in our country Matina Z launches exclusive Liveradio365 her first single "Run Away" that will be included in debut album , expected by early summer.".."Matina Z - thanks to her fresh look combined with her aggressive voice, has conquered fans not only in the country of origin, but also in the States and now she's doing it in Italy . Waiting to come out her first album, listen to "Run Away" that you can also listen to her music in our rotation. Enjoy it!"(see full link)