Materium / Press

“The foursome manages the balancing act between complex twists and metallic elements on one side,and catchy melodies and modern sounds on the other side. While a rough part of some 9 songs goes fine into the ear and much is already working on the 1st listen,also gentle embellishments are added to the previously mentioned influences,from jazz,rock and electronic/ambient sources. These are cleverly hidden notes in the demanding merged rock of Materium.Rather,artful rock music at the height of its time.”

“In the Materium will not satisfy the most demanding progressive palates (tastes), but definitely "In The Materium " will find more than a few supporters in the sympathizers of metal .As a product in its own way ,these artisans argue for good sound production and especially for the undeniable technical skill and experience of the musicians ... If there will ever be a second CD for the Materium we hope , however, a greater sensitivity towards solutions even closer to progressive , because they have the talent to play anything more complex and ambitious …....not to miss!”

“That Prog Metal receives airplay anywhere in the world is unusual, so kudos goes to Materium who have managed to get their sounds on radio in both Mexico and Argentina. It is an obvious indication this band have something about them worth hearing.”

"D'Angelo is an accomplished guitarist with inventive phrasing;no mere shredder,as heavily reverbed/arpeggiated runs bring the aforementioned Holdsworth to mind. A seven string maestro,he makes use of the instruments lower regions but doesn't overindulge those sludgy power chords.Jeff Berlin understudy Santana is a powerhouse bassist,filling space between Frank's lead guitar and Francisco Cortina's sparingly applied keyboards. Instrumental corker" It Could Be Doomsday" is an excellent showcase of the group's collective prowess,while closing track"Out There Somewhere" reveals welcome emotional sensitivity. These guys can play and sing with the best of 'em.Hopefully,their follow-up brings equally formidable compositional heft." RATING:13(out of 16)

“The week I was going to write a review of Materiums Debut record, was the same week I began listening to the new Dream Theater album. At first I thought this would color my perceptions unfairly, (Because, you know Dream Theater is freakin' Dream Theater) However Materium provided a healthy dose of the prog I love and some pleasant surprises. The opening riff in seven instantly put a smile on my face and the dark and brooding feel of the production is really cool. In contrast to DTs Thrash metal-based approach, Materium Makes generous use of cleaner guitars and ambient textures. While there's plenty of detuned heaviness, The guitar work displays influences ranging from Holdsworthian legato leads to semi-clean playing reminiscent of late 80s Killing Joke. A great example of one such killer riff is the tune Not Your Enemy. The guitar part and the chorus have been running through my head a lot lately, which is the mark of a good song. See the rest of the review on reverbnation”