Masters Of Love / Press

“But no one rocked harder than Masters of Love. A supergroup with members from Los Mescaleros and The Mechanical Walking Robotboy, these guys are a lot more than just power and musicianship — these guys have the songs. Masters had not a single throwaway tune, all excellent guitar work by Roland Delacruz (who never repeats himself), and a lesson on how to front a band by singer/second guitar Fred Himes. Shawn Terry was solid replacing regular (and unavailable) bassist Chris Smart, and the band made a strong case to be considered as San Antonio's best rock and roll band.”

“San Antonio’s most slammin’ rock band kicked in the doors right out of the box when it formed in 2006...its foundation an A-chord played on the second fret, driving bass lines, killer lyrics and an attitude copped from ’70s legends the New York Dolls, the Dead Boys and Iggy Pop. With songs like “Killer Face” and “I Want Everything,” Masters of Love went from a lark to the front of the line in this town (and anywhere they play). ”