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“Master… 30 years of respecting the underground.”

“Classic Material”

“Master, Autopsy, Motörhead – what do they all have in common?”

“Nothing Life Changing, But Exactly What We Want”

“But in an era where so much “death metal” is overproduced, sanitized or mixed with something that ends in “core,” it’s nice to have something as ugly and nasty as Master.”

“The new album is just a great gift for all fans of classic DEATH METAL MASTER with its typical for a hurricane onslaught! Disconnects and destroys the very first minutes of his rumbling sound. The album is fairly flat and unsustainably high, due to strong interaction between the rhythm sections with bass, cementing himself maestro Speckman! Listening to the album MASTER, nods his head. I just Paul’s beard made ??of iron) and it is too early to drop out of talented head of the founder of DEATH METAL. CD released Pulverized records, and vinyl record with different artwork Doomentia records. KILL!”

“Legendary Czech death metal legion MASTER have completed work on their eleventh studio offering. Entitled The New Elite, the 11-track work of deviance was again recorded at Shaark Studios and features cover art by German graphic designer Mark Bridgeman,”

“Abomination will be playing 17 dates in Europe after 20 years of sleeping. Anyon...e interested in supporting this tour, clubs, bookers and bands can contact Falko bruchsteinrec@aol.com if they are interested in supporting the tour.”

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“ Any way you slice it, "Slaves to Society" is one of the best death metal albums of 2008, as it was in 2007.”

“Listening to Slaves To Society makes me wonder why I don’t listen to Master more often than I do. I like them—I’ve liked them for years—and they’re the type of band that I would quickly and heartily recommend.”

“ Always outspoken and disarmingly candid, Paul Speckmann's belligerence and boisterousness has not attenuated with the passage of time.”

“As many of you surely know, Paul is the legendary frontman for Master and played a big part in the American underground metal scene for many years before moving to the Czech Republic.”

“Paul´s well distinctive, death grunts are one of the trademarks of Master´s sound - so is the fast, uncompromising, heavy and to-the-point approach style, which is actually easy to love”