Massacre at the Wake / Press

“The band put forward some of the best musicianship I’ve seen this side of Slayer. Their very intense brand of thrash metal is very demanding of the guitarists, bassist, drummer and singer (screamer?) and features some great breakdowns as well. Overall, this band put on a spectacular set that was well worth seeing.”

“The band describes their music as "110 percent" collaborative; every member’s input is important, and if one person doesn’t like the sound or direction, they retool the song or scrap the idea. The band pulls influences from all over the map. Their sound has evolved and said songs don’t do them justice. "It’s similar, but it’s more intense now; it has more of an old school hardcore sound to it," describes drummer Dart. Expect the unexpected from Massacre at the Wake; their drive is more based in playing live shows and allowing that energy to feed their creative process.”