Mason Douglas / Press

“Who is Mason Douglas, and where has he been all my life? I don’t know when I have heard a more accomplished debut single...takes off like a rocketship and blazes across your brain with its jets firing wide open. Power and drive to spare. Give that man a DisCovery Award.”

“There are those moments, they are rare, but they have what we call the "it factor" in this studio – the unexplained, the mysterious. There is just something about them. And THAT that was one of them...I mean that sincerely.”

“...easily ranks today among the best singers and songwriters in country...”

" Mason Douglas has that special singer/songwriter gift that will make people sit up and take note. Mason's songwriting will capture your heart and soul with wonderful stories about life lessons, the power of love, the gift of humor and the importance of faith & hope in our everyday journey.”

“...indie country doesn’t get much tighter (or much better) than this. Mason Douglas...totally delivers the goods.”

“Mason Douglas is the new standard by which all House Concert performers will be judged...”

Muriel Clark - The Courier-Times

“Mason Douglas brings a whole new dynamic to intimate house concerts...like inviting an old friend back home, we can't wait for his return!”

Homestead Live Music - Denver,CO

"Good s#%t!!"

Shia Labeouf - Personal quote

"Mr. Douglas is truly outstanding with his song Home Free...whose voice is as smooth as Phil Vassar's and as cutting-edge emotional as Billy Joel's.

"...mature songs of love, friendship, heartach, pride in country, and an appreciate of the good things in life that are sincere and intelligent - void of the simplistic jingoism that unfortunately dominates the current panorama."

"Hot with a capital "H". Mason is awesome..."

“Featured in the ListenUp! section of Country Weekly, along with a download of the acoustic version of "Goodbye Woman".”

"It's a pleasure working with Mason, he is a very talented artist that we look forward to working with for a long time as his career takes the Country Music Industry by storm."

"The first time I heard Mason sing, it gave me chills. I was fascinated to watch the Veterans in the audience line up to shake his hand after the show and share their appreciation with him. That spoke volumes to me."

“Mason Douglas can draw you into his world with sultry romantic blues and rock-out with his band of stellar players. He is an insightful songwriter and an incredible performer...Nashville has waited years for such a talented country artist to join Music Row. Don’t miss Mason Douglas!”

“An entertainer can be and often is much different than a musician, but when you combine both of these talents together you hit a home run! Mason easily hit’s a home run! Mason’s writing and performance talents definitely speak positive volumes.”

“Mason Douglas is truly an outstanding new artist. He is that rare combination of singer/songwriter and personal charisma that is so hard to find. I have discovered and developed several major artists such as Michael McDonald and I feel that Mason Douglas could follow in their footsteps.”