Masha Campagne / Press

"Campagne's style is reminiscent of Brazilian legend Elis Regina."

Desiree Bradford - Music Reviewer Magazine

"Masha Campagne communicates a thoroughly-hip and venturous command of the Brazilian-jazz vernacular."

Glen Astarita - Ejazznews

" ... dedicated artist whose jazzy voice and love for Brazilian song have enthralled SF Bay Area audiences for the last two years."

Jesse "Chuy" Varela - Latin Beat

"Her sensual lyric portrayals and animated wordless vocals make you feel as though you're in Rio on vacation, parading through city streets while samba bands crank up the emotional level a few notches."

Jim Santella - LA JAZZ Scene

" ... sultry diva with a twist of Latin flare, her voice and style a unique blend all her own ...”

Justin Scro - Cashbox Magazine

"Campagne and Iago are a special duo with a special talent to read each other. I can only hope their next project reaches a level above. What a moment it would be!”

Karl Stober - Jazz Review (JazzTrenzz)

““Short, sweet and not over-baked, Caminhos Cruzados album should conceivably enjoy some quality time over the airwaves.” ”

Glenn Astarita - Ejazznews

"...she reveals a deep, luxuriant voice that suggests the richest darkest chocolate and the ripest, tartest blackberries."

Christopher Loudon - JazzTimes