Mary Topaz / Press

“Thanks Mary - Great to hear from one talented artist to the next! ”

Eric Stinnett - revernation.com

“Thank you for the compliment. I listened to your poetry and it is very soothing and beautiful. Thank you for visiting my site. We are all in this together. Much Love ”

Zayika Hooker - reverbnation.com

“Hi Mary!Cool Spirit to your music my friend.real cool vibes in your style.God Bless you in all you do!keep lifting your songz to the Heavens. mAlIk_ aka 3 D.KiNz_”

Malik Torain - Reverbnation.com

“Mary Topaz, your music is AWESOME, UNBELIEVABLE and I LOVE it. Listening to "walk Away' was very soothing and relaxing.”

Baby Pauline - Ourstage.com

“Mary TOPAZ I have known you for a long time and I am always amazed by your Poetry/Spoken Word. I wish you much Success and all that you do. Your Friend, JustMi”

JustMiMommy - Ourstgage.com

“Mary TOPAZ your poetry is one of the best that I have heard in awhile. Keep doing your thing. I can't wait for the CD. Take care.”

MrPar - Ourstage.com

“This is an excellent artist. She puts feelin' into her music. ”

Panama Mama - ReverbNation.com

“Her ability to create the musical mood is a gift few achieve. Her mellow style embraces the listeners with a smooth jazzy/R&B.”

bPositive - iseecolor.com

“I love your Poetry Mary. Wow. Wow. Wow. Very impressive”

Garnett Pink - iseecolor.com