"The hottest sound to hit the music scene in years."

Revolver Magazine

“Mary Magdalan is without a shadow of doubt the most original, honest and intense band you will ever have the honor of listening to.”

DeppLuver22 - iTunes customer review

“Make no mistake about this Mary Magdalan, this original band from Hollywood is not coming to prove anything, their only mission is to show the darkest corners inside the mind of an addict.”

Switch Magazine

“Stand out tracks [from Pity Girl] Cigarette Burns and the heart-breaking Debbie show two sides to the tale, both aggressive and painful, and display the kind of unrestrained talent that makes an unsigned band so good to listen to.”

Sarah Barker - Rock Industry Magazine

“It's not hard to admire Mary Magdalan.”

Sarah Barker - Rock Industry Magazine

“From junkie to rockstar this band is ready to open a vein for you in an attempt to not only understand them but to help you understand yourself.”

Devolution Magazine

“This band is that cold drink of water that all us rock fans have been thirsting for.”

James G. Klink - Fan Review on AmazonMP3