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"MaryJustice is a very bright star shining from her own special place in the sky. She is an extremely talented singer/songwriter with a unique style & presentation. It has been my absolute pleasure to work with her on stage & more recently, in the studio. Shine on, Miss MJ & God bless you always."

Phillip Byers, Producer/Musician at C# Productions - LinkedIN

“MaryJustice, You have an uncanny ability to capture emotion, as pure, raw and unbiased introspection. You look unbelievably young, to possess such intricate and profound understanding of the world and it's trails and experiences. My belief is that, you will only continue to grow in your awareness, and achieve much success in your musical career. Above all else, I believe that through your lyric, beautifully haunting melodies, and the ability to empathize at a level much above your age in maturity... that you will capture the hearts and loyalty of many people. Much success to you, and thank you for your support in my music also.”

Desiree, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Nashville, TN - ReverbNation

“Such a pretty voice MaryJustice. I presume the first 3 songs on your playlist have been written by you. Lovely songs..pastel melodies and such well thought out lyrics. I found your performance of them to be totally enchanting. The role the internet is playing now is getting increasingly bigger. You are superbly talented and it can't be long before established labels start looking your way...if they haven't done already! Wishing you every success.”

Paul Dunn - Songwriter, Sheffield, UK - ReverbNation

““Superior songwriting with an innate instinct to hang behind the beat and stretch notes in ways most other singers would not. Watch out world this girls going to split the musical singer/songwriter atom if these old ears are still working. Huge respect to you and your team.””

Julian Wilson - ReverbNation, Published Songwriter, Norwich, UK

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Laddie Jennings - Highlight Talent

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Laddie Jennings - Highlight Talent

"You have a very dainty, lovely air about your voice that's really nice, very unusual very unique, but after listening to 8.4 million singers like I have, that's a hard thing to come by." Exerpt from interview with MaryJustice Lucas by Val Garay, Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer

“Though she just turned 18, don’t be fooled by her age, she has accomplished a lot in her few years on the music scene. She won first place for songwriting at the Mountain Valley Arts competition, twice, placed in the top ten in the 2010 iSING! Competition in Los Angeles when she was just 14, and most recently won multiple awards at the North American Country Music Association competition in Pigeon Forge last year. She was named 2012 Rising Star CD of the Year, 2012 Songwriter of the Year, and 2012 Female Entertainer of the Year. “Every time my name was called, I thought I was dreaming,” she confesses,“ and that is something I will never forget!” One of her biggest honors was being invited to open for Jim Parker’s Songwriter Showcase at the VBC Playhouse last year–which she reveals she did with a 102 degree fever. “I was NOT going to cancel opening this show,” she says. “I don’t remember anything from when I performed, but I was told I did well!”…excerpt from m”

“You know how there are artists that record well, but they aren't really great performers in front of a crowd of people. Then there are good performers that just don't come across well recorded. Then there are those that write well and can't sing it with passion or in key. MaryJustice isn't limited in any of those ways. She writes with the passion and soul of an adult many years older. Her voice can be angelic or devilish as she needs to create the presence of the song. She is a solid live performer and she can recreate that passionate feeling in a recording studio as you can easily hear here. Shes the real deal, solid in every regard.”

Del McGee, Performing Songwriter - Facebook

“ARTIST: MaryJustice Lucas MaryJustice Lucas is a wonderfully gifted young lady. Coming from Huntsville, Alabama, she’s a talented songwriter with a sensational voice, who plays the guitar, and continues to sing her way into more people’s hearts everywhere she goes. Her music falls within the Country Genre with a sweet folk sound, sometimes altercating to Pop, or Rock as well. The songs she tends to perform are meaningful and heartfelt. They deal with life, love, and living. With a warm heart and a deep love for God, she’s a blessing. Often teaming up with her long time friend Matt Morrow, she’s both great alone, or with him as a team. Together they’ve been compared to “The Civil Wars”. Having won an onslaught of awards, talent competitions, sold out shows, acquired representation and a growing fan base, she’s easy to brag on. You can find out more about our friend MaryJustice Lucas at: “http://www.reverbnation.com/maryjusticemusic“. ”

"A Star On The Rise - MaryJustice Lucas "...She seemed almost timid when she first stepped on the stage, but it took only one ring of her guitar to snap her into game time mode. She began to play and the crowd immediately took to her. It wasn’t until she started to sing that the magic really began. "A Star On the Rise" ... Out of this tiny 17 year old girl, came the voice of a veteran stage performer. A very deliberate and confident tone soared through the PA. I counted at least 3 jaws hanging open. My first thought was “I have to follow this … Be on the lookout for MaryJustice Lucas, because I assure you, this will not be the last time you read her name in the press." (Read full article at Valleyplanet.com)