Mary Johnson Rockers / Press

“The songs are so catchy, well-written and eclectic that, at just over 30 minutes, it feels as though it's over before it's begun...nearly irresistible. ”

“Cline, Parsons, Lou-Harris. All there. Just great, roving Americana with pipes to spare. ”

The Pinhook - Durham, NC

“Chapelboro is graced to have so many wonderful musicians and we ought to be talking about the people who live here and who make great music. Here is one of them – Mary Johnson Rockers.”

"Top-shelf Americana and additional surname fun"..."Hers is a voice that's pretty without being too pretty, familiar but never humdrum, gutty at just the right times. It's built to sing of lingering touches and to tell of "Just one dance, just one midnight chance to tell the truth," as she does on the achingly gorgeous "Two Step," making you feel like a lucky confidant..."