Mary Jennings / Press

“Singer, songwriter & musician Mary Jennings delivers a dramatic swirling, sweeping midtempo anthem via “Love You Best,” in which she delivers a universal lyrical tune about reflecting on the highs & lows of the great love of her life. Mary’s folk delivery is amped here with a wondrous template of rich instrumentation, including sweeping strings, a hint of electric guitar and driving percussion. But most of all, she has come up with another melodic bulls-eye sing-along that will have her minions singing in unison. “Love You Best” is primed for critical mass, indeed.”

Entertainment Journalist Chuck Taylor

“For first time listeners, Jennings is an artist that will make people sit up and take note, not just of her singing but of her songwriting. She really is the real deal, but for those fans who have been listening for awhile, well they know that already. ”

“Mary Jennings knows how to deliver a song. Her highly personal and emotional singing style is raw and captivating. It’s the sort of performance that keeps audiences rapt with attention; leaning in toward the stage do they don’t miss a thing. Take It Or Leave It captures the energy and power of a Jennings performance for those who haven’t been lucky enough to see her live, or for those who have and want to recapture the moment. Don’t miss this album. Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)”

“No matter if she is performing with her full backing band; or on her trademark Casio synthesizer, looping harmonies and instrumentation; or even if she is playing on an acoustic piano, you still get the same explosive effect- the same full, mind-blowing sound. That is the mark of a true musician.”

“Jennings is a fiery siren that packs a big punch in a small package. With an incredible vocal range, immaculate control, and passionate words, Jennings is a must see when she stops into your town.”

“Jennings’ “Cling to Me” is a pure joy to listen to and has the timeless songwriting magic of top songs like Adele’s “Someone Like You” and Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”. Jennings is certainly one to hold on to.”

“As a solo act, Jennings is a captivating siren; as a full band, jENNiNGS is a wondrous singer-songwriter-indie-rock-pop-experience not to be missed.”

“Jennings incredibly expressive and dynamic voice fills the rooms wherever her individual yet commercial music is played. Definitely one of Sing Revelation’s ‘One’s To Watch’”

“An awesome reflection of powerful lyrics and vocals… Jennings is clearly gifted.”


“Many artists think the live experience is something that emanates only from the stage. However, if you’re NYC indie artist Jennings, you know better.”

“Simply jaw dropping... seriously stunning.”

“Truth, honesty and raw emotions are apparent in her lyrics and voice.”

“Bold vocals and powerful sound... Jennings proves she has the stuff to belt out some songs but also exhibits great control.”

“A powerful, expressive voice.”

“Every now and then, there is a voice that slips from the darkness and into the light. It resounds like the crack of thunder, it flows like the solar winds. It lulls you into a warmth of security and then pulls you under, drowning you in a sea of emotions. This is Jennings”

Doc Morgan - RupturedEarDums

"Deeply moving and powerful singer/songwriter/uncategorizably delicious slinger of music... It will not be long before everyone you know will be smiling slyly while enjoying some Jennings carrying their souls to a higher place" - Backpocket, Global Citizen's Art, Culture, and Freestyle Guide

"Jennings piles on layer after layer of delicate harmonies."

Tasha Biggers - Gainesville Times

"This is a star on the rise"

The Independent Music Scene

“Jennings' music is powerful and passionate and her voice evokes a deep sense of emotionality and pride.”

" I really like this... Hearing (Jennings), I want to go out and hear more... That did it for me"

“Vocals are tantalizing, sexy, and deep, and the lyrics are, as always, interesting and edgy.”

Christy Mannering , Bring Me Up

"Of all the artists who have recently emerged, none has had on me such a profound effect as JENNINGS."

L. Marrash - R.E.V.E.A.L.

"Absolutely beautiful voice... I can't wait to hear more."

JJDJ Radio

"Unique... Her voice is powerful... Definitely interesting enough to get my attention"

Michael Laskow, CEO Taxi.com

"A cool pop artist that could easily break into the mainstream anytime now"

"Mary is very talented and we are so glad to add her to our play list."

Get Social Radio

"Do yourself a favor and check her out."

"Jennings is an amazing Star, she has vocals that will just grab your heart. Atmospheric and inspiring, Cling to Me in my honest opinion is one of the greatest songs performed by any female artist that has been written."

The People's Showcase

" I’m convinced that this 5 foot nothing, piano playing philantophist is today’s sound for sore ears"

"Thanks for the great music"

Billy Thin - Song Shooter

"Catchy and poppy, Jennings' vocals strong and sweet all at once"

“Her voice is so unique. Wonderful style.”

Eclectopia Radio

“(Doorway) is one of those songs I can't seem to get out of my head... I'm very impressed.”

“A captivating singer and performer!”

“She could very well be one of the hottest talents ever to hit your ears. She’s beautifully talented and really a breath of fresh air. She is exactly what mainstream radio needs.”

Michael J. - The Great Unknowns

“Angelic harmonies, heartfelt, well-executed vocals, inspiring themes and mega-hooks!”

"She's really got talent. I think she is a highlight."

Maura O'Connell (Grammy-nominated Singer) - David Hooper's Music Business Radio

"The girl has got it all. Needless to say, I adore her music"

Pop Reviews Now

"Jennings has taken Rihanna’s Umbrella and made it something cooler...Go get it!"

Jody Whitesides - The Exemplar Site

"Jennings' music is sweet, lush, powerful and full of great hooks, and intelligent and meaningful to boot! I love it!"

Heather Miller-Rodriguez - 100.1FM KRUU

"Be sure to seek out Storybook. Your ears will thank you."

Dave Knoch - Lexington Music Examiner

"Significant talent and a distinctive style"

"Creative and original... A breath of fresh air!"

John Rowe (Producer - 2 x Platinum Award Recipient) - Songwars

"Jennings is proof that pop music is far from dead and that there are some artists out there making it on their own terms."

Andrea Guy - Mossip

"Chic music to the tenth power. Sweet and empowered, Jennings takes an Enya softness, a Tori Amos inspired piano, some love-lorn lyrics and sings her little heart out. Indie pop will crown a new princess."

"Jennings is gunning straight for the Grey's Anatomy gravy train."

"As always, the real star is Jennings' voice. Whether it's the Sarah McLachlan-style piano pop of "Doorway" or the New Age-infused "Your Way", the songs hit their stride when Jennings let's it out. If you are an indie fan, but still like a good pop tune, I suggest you give this EP a shot."

"Femtastic kicks off with a display of Jennings' songwriting capabilities. The instantly captivating "Falling Higher" features a hook so big you could catch a shark with it".

Snobs Music

"Excellent and catchy songwriting that leaves it playing in your head for days"


"She brings a powerful voice to her songwriting and effortlessly weaves it all into the pop culture and just across the boundaries of the electronica world."


“If Moby and Alicia Keys had a child, I believe it would be you.”

Chris Watson-Publicist

“She has this big, gorgeous voice that is full of timbre and character and makes you want to listen over and over again.”

Wildy's World

“Jennings forms heartfelt lines to piano driven melodies and drives it to whole other level with appropriately delicious electronic templates" "Jennings labors transform to candy-coated gold.”


“Jennings has a distinct, robust voice that has no problem delivering a melody. Her music could be described as Sarah MacLachlan with a bit more edge, however it must be noted that Jennings has a sound and style that is all her own. This album is smart, energetic and poetic.”


“I sense big things in Jennings' future.”


“Jennings' ability to couple great melodies and lyrics with a distinctive vocal style is awesome. I am a big fan of this truley unique artist.”

Wes Mayers- Redline Entertainment

"Mary Jennings brought Tori Amos-like piano playing to the table."

“Jennings has a beautiful, strong and passionate voice (think Sarah McLachlan/Tori Amos) and her performance, enhanced by her subtle piano playing, was captivating. She ended her 40-minute set with an ode to the weather, an impromptu version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” and she nailed it.”