“Mary Jane's Pride is on the map. These five guys have succeeded in making a timeless sound with this latest 6 track EP that brings you back to the 70's, and then gives you that crunch of the 90's. Doing it in a way that makes a sound that can live in any rockers catalog. MJP Truly Rocks Steady!”

Justin Sane - The Justin Sane Show & RSM promotions

"Mary Jane's Pride is one of the coolest independent rock bands that I have ever had the pleasure of broadcasting. Semper Fi."

“You guys are killing it in Boise!”

Chrisroq - Nuroq fm Radio

“Mmmnnyyaawwwheeyaw... KICK ASS!!”

Justin Sane - Justin Sane Show

“You guys are ROCKIN..!!!”

Rick Eissinger - KKID 92.9FM

“The bands intensity and passion coalesce into a powerful sound.”

Granger Downs - Detroit Live