Mary Bridget Davies / Press

“I dare anyone listening to this album to not only dislike it but also to not fall under the spell of Mary Bridget Davies. When listening to this album all of your senses will be stimulated and consume you with this outstanding offering. The songs will feel familiar but the majority have been written by Davies and fellow band members. This album will be modern Blues at it's absolute best but also funky, plenty of tight brass for good measure. Throughout this entire album Davies's voice is commanding and never once falters, the band is in perfect sync with here and it all melds together to form Blues at it's best. Another album that easily fits in as one of the very best for the past twelve months. Don't believe me? Then go out and buy it to see that l am right, you will not regret it but will be thanking me. Mary Bridget Davies And Band will "Take You To The Limit"!”

Peter Merret - PBS 106.7 Melbourne, Australia

“Though she played the part of Janis Joplin onstage in the musical “Love, Janis” and furthered that image fronting Big Brother & The Holding Company in the mid-2000’s, Mary Bridget Davies makes a most persuasive case for her own hard-charging identity with her self-released debut disc. The power that fueled the KC-based vocalist’s portrayal of “Pearl” is on display here in the service of a solid, blues-bound set penned primarily by Bridget and band members. Ms. B. sounds most at home at full-throttle but shows off a nice range of emotion, as well as her ballad chops, covering Oasis’ “Wonderwall”. Kudos for the production, which gives the band a nice “live” sound in the studio.”

“Wanna Feel Somethin’, the debut album from Mary Bridget Davies does indeed feel something like an artist on verge of bigger things. Fresh on the heels of their second place finish at the 2011 International Blues Challenge, Davies and her crack four piece band recorded this ten song set in Kansas City, augmented by a hot horn section. The tracks all showcase the amazing vocals of Davies... this diva is no Janis Joplin wanna be, her powerhouse vocals are more of a cross between Joss Stone and Shemekia Copeland. Let’s hope Wanna Feel Somethin’ propels Mary Bridget Davies and her crew into an even larger arena, with higher production qualities their talent deserves. ”

“Well, here's another new CD from an artist you not have heard, but maybe you have, since she's from Cleveland (yes, Burghers, good thing do come out of Cleveland. Sometimes.) If you haven't heard her, you're in for a treat when you do. If you have, you already know what I mean. Mary Bridget Davies is a powerful blues and soulful singer, and her new CD, "Wanna Feel Somethin'," is glorious testimony to her vocal talents. ”

“Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio this read headed beauty is known for her powerful, deep, throaty tones that shivers down your spine with her perfect pitch. A new CD has come out from West End Studios from this soulful artist entitled 'Wanna Feel Somethin' and for those unfamiliar with Davies, they only to need listen to find out what they are missing. Also watch their live concert videos, evidence of how Davies and the band can entertain a crowd with theatrics and talent. On the song “Take it To the Limit” Davies does a cover of the Eagles classic organ driven song, but she brings it to new soulful heights with this rendition more so than the original. “Wonderwall” is an Oasis single that Davies has masterfully recreated into this smooth rendition of hearty vocals, organ. The whole album is extremely impressive, it showcases the bands arrangement and Davies vocal range talent as well!”

“Specializing in singing soul-drenched blues...”

"Well, we always knew Mary Bridget Davies was going to be a tough one to beat."

"Mary Bridget has a lot of power," says Sam Andrew, guitarist of the legendary San Francisco psychedelic-rock band. She uses it for the good. The audience can tell that she is with them, and they are important to her."

“Seldom is there an artist that makes me stop in my tracks. Ms. Davies' voice explodes with a truth and passion seldom ever heard. Like a hurricane she obliterates anything coming before her and sets a new standard. Not only is she on pitch, but her delivery is perfect. She defines each song with such a command that it is almsot hard to imagine anyone else singing them but her. Mary Bridget has the heart of the most intense rocker, the soul of gospel singer, the passion of a jazz singer, and the sublime aesthetic of a soprano singing a Puccini Aria”

"The rip-the-walls-down vocals of Mary Bridget Davies supply the sharpest moments in the touring Janis Joplin bio-tuner "Love, Janis"

“Her soulful voice is captivating and she brings "the dirty" out in all of her songs."”

"A hurricane descended upon Dallas and her name is Mary Bridget Davies..."

"There's a bluesy-to-her-roots singer as Janis Joplin guaranteed to send shivers to parts of you you didn't even know you had."

"Here are three reasons to love "Love, Janis" right now. Mary. Bridget. Davies."