Mary Bragg / Press

“Delectable folk-pop delivered in a crystalline voice reminiscent of Mindy Smith and Shawn Colvin.”

January 2009 - Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Assured yet vulnerable, Bragg betrays a variety of emotions that give due diligence to any preset standard. Clearly adept in full folk mode, her effortless shift from regret to songs of celebration reflect her abilities best.”

Blurt Magazine

“Really incredible presence and voice. For a relative newcomer to the world of music, this young lady sure knows how to deliver a tune.”


“Mary Bragg’s gorgeous, soaring voice and smart, thoughtful songwriting make for a strong and effective double act. A sweet and delectable jewel.”


“Lovely alt country chanteuse who hails from rural Georgia but now calls BKNY home. On her sophomore effort she whips up 10 tasty songs with elements of folk, country and a bit o’ soul. “Sweet Skin” has a slow swagger to it that makes it alluring as do a handful of other tracks. Nice.”

Dagger Zine