Mary Axe / Press

“...the happy kind of sad...”

Patrick Spain - FB

“Mary Axe weaves a tight musical tapestry that's able to withstand the overarching energy of a distortion soaked wave of noise without tearing, as easily as it can hold the delicate beauty of an intricate slow number without falling apart.”

Cat Johnson - SanJose.com

“Working a path of gentle notes up to their trademark layers of melodic distortion it sounds almost-mystical. No kidding, that is some rockin' transcendetal shit for your a$$”

SP - The Metro

“They draw from a range of influences most noticeably the Smashing Pumpkins...Mary Axe is one the local music scene's overlooked gems.”

Beau Dowling - The Metro

"the trio produces a clean rock &roll sound that lies somewhere between u2 pop and Metallica thrash...a refreshingly melodic sound and a frontman clearly as talented as any mainstream artist"