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"The wharf rats absolutely kill it every time I see them! I defiantly try to support them when I can.. Even if I can't stay for the whole show, I always make sure to pay at the door knowing that is going to a good band that I want to see play bigger venues... I feel positive vibes at every show and they're so good but humble about it... Just wanted to put that out there because missing them is missing a whole lot!"

"Marv Egolf, you are a gentleman of the highest order. Any stage charm that we may have mustered at Doubletree was in no small part due to your contribution. Rock on."

"UXO ROCKED STANSTOCK !!" About Jackie Conley and her rendition of Dolly Parton's, "Jolene": "this young lady had a unique voice .... loved that tune she performed". About Beth Baker: "Very talented flute player ..... I did get to catch you all......"

"Hi, I'm listening to your music right now! Really enjoying. Very impressive. I like your sound! Keep up the good work."

Blizzard - Blizzard

“Woody Lissauer: "I was so glad to hear King Lewman in such a professional hall! It was really a great sound - big, harmonic and expansive with lots of lovely colours from sax, intertwining male and female voices and a very solid core of bass, drums, guitar and piano!"”

“Joe Buccheri sez: "Stopped in at the Buckhead Cattle Company, a night club and restaurant in Middle River, Maryland. Great open mic night with some very talented musicians. Enjoyed the show from Marv Egolf and friends, plus Christopher Moon and Heather Dye. Can not wait to feature some of these fine performers at shows this coming spring."”

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“Polaroid Rage sez: "Really dig the tunes, looking forward to seeing you around town!"”

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“Garret Fitzgerald Band sez "Great Stuff....hope to meet you sometime...I love the old Delany and Bonnie stuff..funky great music with killer grooves....you're great..." And I'm blushing.”

Garret Fitzgerald Band - Reverbnation

“About Kallok, Steele & Friends at Surf City: Michael Petti- "You sounded great shastajoe!"; Sandy Shores Edwards- "u guys were AWESOME!"; Cheryl Harbaugh: "Had a great time Sat. nite! ~ You guys rocked!! :)"; Frank Sanner- "Fun weekend in baltimore. Singing with john and band. Had a blast!— "”

Real Life Audience Comments

"Great to play with you, Saturday! It was such a pleasure to hear your (KING LEWMAN's) music on Saturday, it is so well-crafted! Full of clever and artful elements and turns ~ i was just very impressed!" at Edith May's Paradise, May 7, 2011- Woody Lissauer

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“Barry Prosser: "Thanxs for coming out and having fun with the band!It was great to be on stage with you!" David Gaine: "Thanks again Marvelous Marv for your great singing on Dixie Chicken!!!"- The Barn, Carney, MD- January 15, 2011”

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