Martyn Lewis / Press

“The invite told us to expect three bands at Salford’s The Old Pint Pot but upon entering the pub, tucked away between the coils of the River Irwell, all I find is a man sat on stage with an acoustic guitar and a lovely Northern voice; which he is certainly using to its maximum as there is no amplification. The man is local acoustic singer-songwriter Martyn Lewis and he does a nice line in satirical, mocking social commentary on establishment hypocrisy: politicians, tabloids, bankers etc. At times it can become slightly ‘preaching to the converted’ in that although we chuckle and nod sagely at his observations, it’s not really telling us anything new but there’s a genuine charm in his voice that coats the songs with a compelling lacquer and a bittersweet shell that brings them to the attention of your ears. He’s funny when he goes for the obvious targets, but his real skill is in bringing subtle poignancy out of his slower and more delicate numbers.”