Marty Miles / Press

“Marty... I'm a fan now. Your band is so good,my friend. Ken and I just loved your sound. The percussionist was excellent. I saw his instrument choices and could not wait to hear them. Wow! What a great sound in that solo. Now that I know you are from South Bend, Ken will probably come see you.”

Tracy Seaman - Pioneer Fest Fan Response

“Marty Miles has been on an adventure through folk rock music for nearly his entire life, so it’s only fitting that the South Bend singer-songwriter would name his fourth album “Folk/Rock Adventures.””

“The Marty Miles Band gave a killer performance at the Rise Up Farms Harvest Fest! These are people who put real passion into their music.”

“Marty is most excellent. He is a good guy, a very good performer, and entertains to the max. He works with the crowd and has wonderful music and lyrics. Well worth having at your next gig.”

“Marty and his band gave a great performance at our private event. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the music. Would definitely use his services again, and are looking forward to it!”

“I love Marty! He is awesome!”

“Thanks for coming and sharing in music on Sunday. I have received many positive comments.”

“Marty always provides the Yacht Club with a very entertaining performance, which is good for listening during dinner inside or on the dock. We have and always continue to be pleased.”

Robert Rice - Client Comment on Thumbtack.com

“Marty, I have just listened to the first three and I couldn't wait to write to you to tell you how wonderful and well done these songs are. WOW, good for you. Keep going. You just get better and better.”

“Awesome Job! My sweetheart and I were inspired by your music! Keep up the good work!”

“Marty brings a captivating stage presence that grabs you from the moment he takes the stage along with a broad based range of music. . . and manages to work in some random fun along the way. I can highly recommend that you add Marty to your venue line up, you won’t be disappointed.”

“[Marty] plays his music in a way that is both artistic but yet understandable to a wide variety of people. . . I recommend him for any music or worship venues.”

"Marty is a veteran of the local music scene that can always be counted on to deliver a great show."