Marty Evans / Press

“Yall killed it at The Boondocks!”

Bekah Sessions

“Marty Evans Band rocked!! Loved working with yall this past wknd... hope to again SOOOONNNNN!!! hollar when in Florida!!!”


“I have to say I was real impressed with this Band after seeing them at the Boondocks event. A class act that was a pleasure to work with. ”

Reeves Smith- TCG Pros Sound Company

“@MartyEvansBand is such a talanted group of guys! #heartofdixie is by far my favorite song!”

Twitter- Shelby Osburn- Oxford, Alabama

“@MartyEvansBand im very picky who i like(music wise)and i absolutely love you guys”

Twitter- Bryan Gilbert- Canadian Singer/ Songwriter

“@MartyEvansBand Wonderful music! Absolutely LOVE it!!”

Twitter- Ren Auborn- Port Aransas, Texas

“@MartyEvansBand is so good, they will have you singing their songs in the shower! #realtalk”

Twitter- Rolie Hancock- KΣ GSW Student

“Best band to play at the house on the last year is definitely @MartyEvansBand bunch of down to earth dudes who can rage with the best of em ”

Twitter- Drew Rico- KΣ GSW student

“The Marty Evans Band is a great addition to the Southern Rock genre. This band is going places!! Looking forward to hearing them again!!”

Dylan Baily

“One of the best bands to Play at Bootleggers!!”

Tyler Briggs- CSU Student

"This Band has what it takes to potentially make it big in the music world. Marty has an amazing voice, and everyone in the band has great chemistry! I truly enjoyed listening to them, as well as watching them perform!!"

Richard Hanson