Martin Sexton / Press

“NBC anchor Brian Williams and Martin Sexton talk about life, music, and Sugarcoating.”

“His outstanding taste in songwriting as well as a soul marinated voice that can easily be compared to the likes of a young Steve Winwood or Van Morrison.”

Rolling Stone

“His new CD, Seeds, offers thanks for something unusual: failure.”

“I've been a fan of his for quite a bit more than a decade and It's a real pleasure to finally share the stage with him. I hope that if you never heard him before tonight is a turning point for you. He's one of my favorite singers and songwriters... Y'all have a good time with Martin Sexton.”

Dave Matthews - Dave Matthews Band

“The real thing, people, a star with potential to permanently affect the musical landscape and keep us entertained for years to come.”


“He jumps beyond standard fare on the strength of his voice, a blue-eyed soul man's supple instrument," adding that "his unpretentious heartiness helps him focus on every soul singer's goal: to amplify the sound of the ordinary heart.”

New York Times

“The best live performer I've ever seen… I may just quit my job and go follow Martin and make a fuss everywhere I go, just to make sure that people don't go their lives without hearing this man sing to them.”

John Mayer - John Mayer

“Song placements on NBC's Parenthood and Scrubs; & Showtime's Brotherhood”