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“Martin Rivas is a musician not to be overlooked. The Convalescence EP, if nothing else, is a true testament to the power of any artist to create in and under any circumstance…and in this case, to create something great. ”

“Steeped in traditional soul/jazz tradition, Rivas encompasses all those influences yet creates a fresh and exciting new sound that must be heard to be truly appreciated.”

“New York City music staple Martin Rivas transforms the "healing time" of an unfortunate injury into an EP that seems to possess a healing power in itself. "This Winter Isn't Ending" brings us brutal truth from an exhausted character and remains one of my favorite independent tunes from 2010. Don't miss Martin when he comes to your town.”

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“There are people in this world who sing for the glory and there are people who sing for love and fulfillment that a single lyric may touch just one person and change them, whether for a split-second or a lifetime...Martin Rivas is the latter.”

"Sea of Clouds, the new album from Martin Rivas, is a satisfying mix of soul and innovation."

“His previous albums, Glorious, Bottleneck, and Pride of the Valley were lovely seedlings, homegrown and ripe for picking, but with his fourth effort he’s finally found his prize-winning garden.”

“A campfire is the perfect image for a Martin Rivas performance- it's warming, comfortable, and endearing. New York is a vast city, difficult at times to make your way around... so if you haven't been to a Martin Rivas show, venture over one evening. I promise, you will feel like you just found home.”