Martin Purtill / Press

“A friend of Rosenfield is musician Martin Purtill, 26, who performed Saturday night. He has participated in shows to raise money for Rosenfield's nonprofit work. Purtill titles himself a singer and songwriter, and his inspiration comes from his father's side of the family, he said. His father never forced him into music as a kid, but Purtill became more interested in music on his own as he got older. He claims to get his vocal attributes from his grandmother. Purtill writes songs based on people, his life and what he goes through, he said. He also covers other artists' songs, such as "Heartless" by Kanye West, because it's fun to hear it done in a different way, he said. Purtill performs that song in particular acoustically. Rosenfield has always supported him, which is why Purtill wants to return the support. "It's all God music," Purtill said. "I always give respect to anybody and everybody that has the ability to step up on stage and sing one of their own songs.”

“There's something about a single father that just seems to melt women. Maybe it has something to do with the pure devotion and love a man can show a beautiful child? Over on the opposite end of the spectrum, no one can draw in scores of ladies like a rockstar can. The talent, the voice (let's be real, it's the fame too). But what happens when you combine them? His name is Martín Purtill. ”

“This is my cousin, Martin Purtill (that's Mar-teen, not Mar-tin - just call him Teen). He is a musician. He has a gorgeous singing voice and mad skills as a guitarist and songwriter. The music that Teen and our cousin Josh Lippi played during my wedding ceremony is one of my favorite memories of the day - and there were a LOT of good memories to compete with. People still tell me they liked his version of "First Day of My Life" better than Bright Eyes' original. He's talented and fun and has a great big heart. So why not help send him on tour? Teen has partnered with Kickstarter to raise money for a tour beyond his current town of Sacramento, CA. Tours cost money, and - who knew? - musicians tend not to have buckets of that just sitting around. Teen's also got a beautiful little girl to help raise. So if you would like to toss an extra $1, $5, $10 or more into Teen's virtual guitar case, consider it money well spent. ”