Martin Loyato / Press

“ Martín Loyato has rapidly been gaining critical recognition as one of the leaders of the new movement creative-contemporary free world music, as he likes to call it. Scholars and reviewers had said that his music is beautiful, exiting and contemporary; Martín can do some amazing things and he is always willing to experiment and explore. His take-no-prisoners approach to incorporating the latest electronic manipulations with a deep jazz sensibility sets the standard for future forays into this fertile musical amalgam. His ensemble somehow manage to sound absolutely up-to-date while still retaining a recognizable jazz feeling. Gigzee ”

“ The breadth of Martin’s musical talent is on display in his recent CD, Syncretism, which features his dynamic trumpet playing in original compositions in an astonishing range of styles, from Tango to experimental electronic works. We are reminded of the phrase Duke Ellington reserved for the work he most admired: Martin Loyato’s work is “beyond category”. Peter Winkler ”

Peter Winkler - SBU

“In the world of Jazz some artists dedicate their careers to keep the tradition recording new versions of jazz classics. Others, like Martin Loyato keep pushing the genre forward creating new sounds and style fusions. ”