Martin Lennon / Press

“Sometimes I am lucky enough to stumble on new music which is so unbelievable, I knee before the Gods of the Internet and shout "Thank you!" to my laptop and the heavens. That's the way I felt about Crow. Quite frankly, if this were twenty years ago and Martin had a traditional record label, he would probably win a Grammy as singer/songwriter of the year. Not that winning a Grammy is an indication of great music -- it never was -- but I say this for the sole reason that Martin's music is so brilliant that it crosses over into many genres. Fans of everyone from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits to Bob Dylan to Savoy Brown and ZZ Top to J.J. Cale type country western/blues will find something to love on every track of this recording.”

“IT TAKES a great deal of integrity and not a little pluck to get up in front of a room full of people and put your money where your mouth is. Particularly if you've spent the best part of the last six years telling everyone else how they've been doing it wrong. But when you're a former critic, you've got to do something with all those spare evenings that were once spent in the pursuit of appreciating someone else's art. For Martin Lennon, [former] Edinburgh Evening News reviewer, artist and fledgling songwriter, filling those nights with his own creations is simply the first step to a whole new chapter in his life. Hot on the heels of an art show at the North Edinburgh Arts Centre in December, Lennon has now turned his hand to the love he hadn't embraced in decades of writing music. Sitting down 18 months ago, Lennon put pen to paper for the first time in 30 years and has been doing so well that he's already winning plaudits from a host of other musicians. ”