Martine Locke / Press

“When Martine Locke performs, the first word that comes to mind is fierce. This may be folk music, but it is not boring, easy listening, nor traditional. Her high energy level, super sharp wit, infectious smile, and strong songwriting quickly win over any audience. The stories Martine tells are engaging and take you on a laughing, dancing journey thru the Australian outback and beyond. Don't miss an opportunity to catch some Aussie magic! ”

Smitty Smith - Pumphouse Concert Series

“..plays solo with enough energy, enthusiasm - and talent - for a whole band. When this Australian is on stage doing her thing, don't try and stop her. She can be tender, refined - but she can also cut loose with an amazing wall of sound that will blow you away.”

Steve Brown - Desert Post Weekly

“Basically, Locke's kind of a hero for independent musicians. She's gained international success, received awards and has sold an impressive number of albums all on her own sweat and elbow grease. She's and embodiment of DIY.”

Ben Brown - Encore

“..her guitar strumming is smooth one minute and fierce the next, and her lyrics range from unrequited love songs to the state of the nation.”

Pink Magazine

“..is more extraordinary than we could possibly describe in a few short sentences. She’ll put a smile on your face that is worth more than trying to adequately describe music and an Artist that defies the walls of most genre descriptions.”

Radio Mike - Radio Mike

“Martine Locke is a fine example of everything I admire about the chick singer phenomenon. She’s got a beautiful voice, plays guitar like a monster, and is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people this reporter has come across in a long time”

Revolver Magazine