Martin Del Carpio / Press

“In Absentia is aural stimulation of the best kind. Not only is it challenging and provoking, it is a rare album that will – no matter what – leave a lasting mark on the way you think about the power of music.”

Alex Jasperse - MusesMuse

“Del Carpio is able to defy convention and create something that disregards genre conceptions. Top Tracks: The Ballad of Ninfa, Kill Your Beauty”

“L.P. by New York’s Martin Del Carpio is a powerful atmospheric track that deftly blends together electronic and organic elements into an effort that provides listeners with incredible depth. The tender compositions of L.P. ebb and flow, with minor shifts and changes in the output providing more than enough fodder to replay the track and hear something wholly new.”

“The production on X is strong, varied and original enough to keep your attention throughout. Like his albums Del Carpio doesn’t stick with one palette for very long.”

“It is M. going back to his roots and simplifying his approach, and I like it quite a lot. I do hope he continues exploring all sides of his muse, but if not, he has found a comfortable home here.”

John Book - The Run-Off Groove

“The music on Martin Del Carpio’s new release Godard could be described as a soundtrack album waiting to happen. It’s quite bold and lush in moments, vulnerable and skeptical in others before those emotions fade into something strong. It’s a cinematic set of songs, and the visuals I get in my mind makes me want to experience my sound movie many times over.”

“The overriding sound is that of electro-pop, however it's not quite as straightforward as that. We have high-tempo tracks that seem engineered for the dancefloor, especially the gritty 'Anon', There are also songs here that are more organic, although the constant use of electronic instruments as well as the production stop anything from being described as "rock".”

“What I like about Del Carpio’s music is that it leans more on the acoustic side of things, while balancing it with the electronic and synth pop that he has always been good in. The material here is quite good, and anyone who loves to hear music by someone who uses it as a reflection of their true emotions will enjoy what X is about.”

“Tropic Of Capricorn: An EP shows what M. is all about, someone not afraid to share their feelings and dreams within a nice, consumable context.”

“We draw the line of M. from here: individual (post) Rock adds elements of Punk Noise, with influences from Latin Folk, experimental psychedelic electronics and dark paranoid rhythm. The tranquil ambience and aggressive emotion move me, the determination struck a responsive chord in my heart. Pay our heart and soul for a true love; never try to make money out of her while speaking out the love... It’s joyful and it’s suffering.”

G. - D-Land Magazine

"I'm sure that, for any Spanish speaker, 'Pequeno Pionero' could be full of all kinds of gems and aural delights,"

Lisa Wright - Subba-Cultcha

“As ‘Thurston @ 13’ might sum up, “What you are about to hear is something extraordinary… There.” ”

J Capeling - Subba-Cultcha

“In Absentia (self-released) takes a look at a world with an uncertain future, expressed through paranoid beats, vocals of rage, and various sounds and samples.”

John Book - The Run-Off Groove

“Here you will hear songs full of melancholy, a tad punk with clear sound, some acid jazz moments, avant-garde electronic music forms, some exprimental areas, acid folk and various other musical elements which render this CD rather enticing. ”

George Markou - Peace Frog

“M.'s record, "In Absentia", is a fusion of punk electronics and home-spun underground political and personal rock.”

Don Kimenker - EarBuzz

“NYC artist M. pieces together a smorgasbord of jagged lo-fi juxtapositions, further developing this middle-ground musicians’s rulebending visions and unique style in the process on the 13-track IN ABSENTIA.”

Mike SOS - Gears Of Rock