Martha Reich / Press

“Time stood still even when it started to rain during her set, nobody dared move till each and every song had been played out in full. Her songs were played with a sense of serenity and unbridled emotion mixed with a flavour of the deep southern/Latin American search for honesty and memorable groove. A touch of the exotic on an inclement day in Liverpool. Ms. Reich added a rich texture to the Bank Holiday weekend with her appearance at the Liverpool Acoustic Garden at the Kazimier.”

“Martha Reich sings with the fierce vocal Grace of a James Taylor and the Soulful emotion of a Judy Collins. Her sensitive rendition of "Hank" Mancini's 'Moon River' would touch the very heart of Audrey Hepburn herself, had she experienced this tender LISTENING pleasure. Perspective words, combined with penetrating sounds, emanate from Martha's acoustic guitar, sure to reverberate the Heartstrings of any awakened Soul.”

Kimberley Ashley - Fashion & Textile Designer

““ Martha Reich has a great voice. She is flat out open and honest, and just a bit mesmerizing “.”

J.W. McClure - Victory Music Review

“Her deep roots in traditional folk and story telling shine through each and every one of her original works. Ira Gordon—Host of Santa Fe's KBAC radio—calls Martha "the closet thing to Joni Mitchell that Santa Fe has."”

Ira Gordan - KBAC

"A lone guitar and cello atmospherically open up the new offering of Martha Reich's release, 'In to Trees'. Reich unfolds images wrapped in care to a wonderful instrumentation perfectly placed to allow her lyrics to take shape and give meaning.  Ms. Reich truly hits her stride on the standard, “Moon River”.  The treatments of this tune are a once in a lifetime ability to interrupt another’s classically crafted song and make it your own. Reich is perfect on this work, but that will have to do. She had a vision, followed it through and left us with a gift ".