Mars on Fire / Press

“Heavy Stuff.. Old school heavy metal never gets old..great job..awsome drummer never lets up..guitars are awsome..vocals are great..All around good band..Keep it up!! peace.. Alberta, Canada”

Number One Music

“For Sale I've been a fan of heavy metal for a long time and this track does not disappoint. The production is done well and the band is very tight. I like the arrangement and the vocals compliment the music extremely well. Way to keep heavy metal alive. Keep up the good work and never stop rockin... Germany”

Number One Music

“for sale I had just listened to for sale i got to say 1st off im not much in to metal but there are a few groups that i can get down with and this song is one of them i can see my self listening to everyday to get pumped up for the day great song keep up the good work. one of the things i like about this song is i can under stand what the singer is saying and its not just screams and shit that sounds like most crappy metal bands in des moines. but from what i can hear good band Iowa, United States”

Number One Music

“For Sale Good down and dirty metal sound. There is alot going on in this song. Has a good hook though and good control of the vocals. Nice work New York, United States”

Number One Music

“Incredibly unique, well-played, and well-produced. 5 out of 5.”

HGR Records - Ogden, UT

“This sounds like a band that could perform at Warped Tour or Ozzfest. It also sounds like some bands that were on Tony Hawks Pro skater years ago on the playstation.”

Music Xray

“Next up was Mars on Fire. Also hailing from Des Moines these guys came out with an intense energy that really fired up the crowd. It was if they brought their own fan base that piled in front of the stage as the boys started playing. The drums (which were a huge set) were quick and well timed, guitar solos were clean and creative, bass line was constant and bumping, and the screams that came from the vocals gave you chills. These guys are a show to see even if you have to skip work for it. Stellar performance and high energy stage show. Look for these guys to be playing again and make it to the show.”