Mars Needs Women / Press

"Holyshit...I found this album unopened at good will...as fresh teenager "Sparking Ray Gun" was one of the best albums I had ever heard!"

Darren Hamock

“Guitar throttles throughout, MARS NEEDS WOMEN bakes like a big American backyard barbecue...some tasty goods to fill up on and for the moment, it's paradise.”

Doug Stone

“Bruce no longer rules the scene as proven by bands like MARS NEEDS WOMEN....”

Rolling Stone

"Quite simply some of the best songwriting and vocals from a vastly undiscovered band!"


“Mars Needs Women, who got their name from a science fiction B-movie, coined the phrase "aggro-pop" to describe their music. a Cheap Trick-meets-The Clash mix. Lately, the aggro has been kicking the shit out of the pop, making for a sweltering soup that can please the kiddies but still piss off mom. ”

Aquarian Weekly

“Staying with '77, Mars Needs Women keeps things cooking with guitar throttles throughout, it's paradise. ”

Cheap Trash NYC

“This New Jersey band rips it up with the most closely resembling homage to Cheap Trick impersonations that you`ll ever hear. Edgy, driving guitar sounds, pure glammy swagger, MNW is like `rolling on the couch with Kiss records out` guilty type of pleasure. With a few tracks produced by ex-Marvelous 3 front man, Butch Walker, they found a appropo kinship with a master of glammy pop.”

Not Lame

“Like Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver and Rocket From The Crypt, Mars Needs Women is here to turn their guitars up to eleven, forget the trendy, tuneless grunge fad and rock the motherfuckin' roof off. Sounding at times like dirtier, louder version of Cheap Trick (the FIRST album), M.N.W. bring catchy, driving, punk-inspired rhythms to the world of 70's arena rock. Like Cheap Trick, the music is full of lyrical clichés, quick jack-off guitar solos and fist-pumping choruses and yet, for some reason, sounds inspired, fresh and exciting. MNW virtually demands to be cranked up LOUD and, if played properly, might just make you believe in rock and roll again.”