Marshall Chapman / Press

“CD "BLAZE OF GLORY" One of Nashville’s best kept secrets since the mid-’70s deserves far more recognition than she has received. Marshall Chapman was roots Americana before anyone pigeonholed it into a genre. As one of the first women on a major label playing original, Southern based, crackling rock and roll, she broke gender barriers most didn’t realize existed. This is Chapman’s seventh release for her label Tallgirl Records, 13th overall and one of the finest in a long career....... The album’s confident, easy going but never lazy vibe is the result of working with the same musicians who contributed to 2010’s successful Big Lonesome..... The opening Bo Diddley beat-driven “Love in the Wind,” a duet with the similarly minded Todd Snider, is propelled by a restrained, insistent energy that snakes through the rest of the songs. It’s a cool, swampy, unhurried approach that subtly sucks you in.... Now in her mid-60s, Chapman is clearly comfortable in her veteran stat”

“MOVIE REVIEW of 'COUNTRY STRONG' with: Gwyneth Paltrow (Kelly Canter), Tim McGraw (James Canter), Garrett Hedlund (Beau Hutton), Leighton Meester (Chiles Stanton) and Marshall Chapman (Winnie). .....It’s too bad that Ms. Feste didn’t ditch the female victim bit and make a movie about a survivor like the musician Marshall Chapman, who has a small, vivid role as Kelly’s road manager and is going strong at 62 with songs in which a woman can run “on a tank full of burning desire” and not just despair.”

“THEY CAME TO NASHVILLE co-published by Vanderbilt University Press/Country Music Foundation Press 2010 In They Came to Nashville, Chapman invites 15 of her friends—such as Kris Kristofferson, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Miranda Lambert, Bobby Bare and Willie Nelson—to tell their own tales about how they first heard about Nashville, how they ended up in Nashville and why they stayed. Reading these wide-ranging interviews is like sitting in on intimate conversations between old friends reminiscing about good times and bad in a city where the promise of a music career inspires musicians to persevere doggedly in pursuit of their dreams. Miranda Lambert remembers how lonely and scared she felt during her first year in Nashville, even as her stomach fluttered with excitement every time she realized she was in Music City.”