Marsha Goodman-Wood / Press

"Marsha Goodman-Wood is a ninja in disguise. She is a DC-based singer/songwriter who makes music for clever kids with sharp imaginations and active minds brimming with curiosity. Marsha is also a former cognitive neuroscientist. Yep, you read that right. Brain science…pretty cool." "As a songwriter, Marsha brings her educational background and combines it with her experience as a music and drama teacher as well as her role as a mom of three."

"Though I've been listening to kids music for about 15 years now, I can still be surprised by what tickles my fancy. What was it then about this video for "Sheep Don't Wear Shoes," a simple little ditty from Marsha Goodman-Wood, off her album Gravity Vacation? The gentle (though not over-the-top) message of independence? The big-eyed sheep illustrated by Danielle Dekoker and assembled into video form by fellow kids musician Patricia Shih? The fact that it stars sheep (I do like my animated sheep)? I'm still not entirely sure, but I liked it enough to be happy to world-premiere the video this morning."

“Wood delighted guests with several original songs focusing on science and child safety, including the song "Wear a Helmet." Wood is no stranger to topics like concussions or traumatic brain injuries, as she once worked as a researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience. She is always thrilled to perform for families and happy to share her knowledge of science through a song.”

"Greatest children’s museum, 45 mins from DC– worth the trip. Especially with Marsha performing at a free show (included with admission)."

"...talented/celebrated/scientifically astute yet adorably warm and amusing..." "Goodman-Wood has a reputation for getting kids up and dancing. I can attest: Parents will want to dance along with their grooving brood!"

"While there’s plenty of children’s media that encourages kids not to give into the misguided ideas of their friends, it’s generally to guide them instead into following the advice of authority figures, a la 'Just say no.' But in contrast, the sheep says in the first verse, 'And though I’m usually good / And though I try to obey / Maybe it’s time to refuse.' In the end, the sheep decides, 'I’ve got to form my own views!' An awesome lesson for kids that you need to be the one to decide, not authority or your friends."

“Goodman-Wood was no ordinary children's singer...She was very, very good. Her clear voice reminded me of Carole King, as did her very curly hair.  Her stage presence was lively without being grating, a highly delicate balance for a children's performer.”

"These numbers could easily be incorporated into programs and lesson plans or enjoyed in a family setting. A solid addition to any collection."

"Goodman-Wood makes quite a splash with her debut album. The nine original songs are a unique blend of science and positive social messages encompassed within toe tapping melodies and sing-along worthy lyrics."

“From the joys of spinach and carrots to dancing penguins, Goodman-Wood's songs aim to entertain and teach life lessons.”

"This week on Head Lines, we introduce you to a local mother whose musical talent has a message for all to hear. Marsha Goodman-Wood has created her first CD entitled, 'Gravity Vacation.' One of those songs encourages us all to be safer when we ride our bikes."

“'The day was filled with inspiring stories, calls to action, and fun songs celebrating breastfeeding.' '...here is a little video of a fun breastfeeding song by one of those amazing mamas and singer-songwriter, Marsha Goodman-Wood, that captures the spirit of the Great Nurse-In’s message beautifully.'”

“No, I do not know the moment I met Marsha, but I remember very well the day she joined our movement. I was in the grocery store fruit [a]isle and I told her about this idea I was hatching to create a Walking Gallery. I asked her to join us and consider writing a song. She could focus on hand washing, as it was so necessary to fight infections in the hospital setting.”

“He was watching all the cars and asked, 'How do you know the cars won’t float away?' 'Gravity!' we said, and proceeded to explain a bit about what gravity is. Then he said, 'But how do you know they’ll never ever float away?' My husband said, 'Well, there’s no vacation from gravity!'”