Marquis of Vaudeville / Press

"...a hypnotic swirl of genres, with a gothic, avant-garde styled appeal, like a circus act in the realm of exotic punk music."

“That mix of pleasant pop and hard-rock dynamics, this stuff is so slick and well-constructed. Very impressive.”

“Marquis of Vaudeville is one part carnival, one part glam with a splash of Ziggy Stardust...this equals one great rock-n-roll shot that everyone can enjoy... that perfect mix of flowing vocals and strong lyrics allowed me to slip into two different dimensions. I traveled through time and space while quickly realizing that this band is freaking great. I listen and see a lot of new artists. Realistically, only a few can grab my attention and interest me as much as Marquis of Vaudeville... Marquis of Vaudeville blows the roof off all my expectations. Excuse me while I hop back on the carousel and spin off into the vast carnival in the sky.”

“If you’re tired of the same old song & dance, Marquis of Vaudeville readily provides a few unusual flavors to an otherwise bland music world... You can certainly pick up on a Tim Burton-esque quality to many of the various sounds... In fact, singer Lawhon has a voice that many times vacillates between Elfman’s mischievous tone & that of Muse’s Matthew Bellamy... Although Marquis of Vaudeville may never specifically point to Queen as an inspiration, the parallel between what that English band accomplished, and this new act attempts to do, is fairly obvious... When you add the fact that singer Lawhon sounds a lot like Muse’s Bellamy (Muse quickly admits to its hero worship of Queen) the comparison is an apt one. As good as this recording sounds though one can only imagine how great this act must be in person. Like Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson before them, Marquis of Vaudeville brings visual flair to its unique auditory creations. This is rock with a distinctly cinematic scope”

"Marquis of Vaudeville's self-titled debut is a shrewd fusing of twinkly pop, gaze-at-the-stars vocals and melancholy melody outlined with edgy, trenchant guitars...This is music to paint your own mental picture while listening to—a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll with a fair share of emotion, invention and imagination."

“Beautiful mixes of keys, acoustic, and electric guitars paint a sound-scape backdrop for some really nice vocal work...these guys have fashioned a professional sounding work for the rock fans of the world”

LIT Magazine

“Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls applauds the band with, "Ziggy meets Marc Bolan outside Max's Kansas City. Makes me want to break out some sequined leggings and spit on the sidewalk. Space-age modern-age glam nostalgia."”

“Although they've influences that include such classics as The Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, their music stands on its own”

Adam P. Newton - ENVY Magazine

“This Dallas five piece knows a thing or two about hypnotic and beautiful melodies. Marquis of Vaudeville craft alternative rock gems that remain accessible while they wander through space and time. Singer/guitarist Toby Lawhon’s voice dazzles and dances with incredible talent that would make Ours’ Jimmy Gnecco proud. With strong memorable songs, this is the music modern rock radio should be getting familiar with.”

“Marquis of Vaudeville delivers a musical escape from the mundane. Their debut album The Promenade of Fools and Ghosts is both whimsical & haunting, mixing the band's songs with instrumental pieces that inspire the imagination.”