Marq-Paul LaRose / Press

"...blew us all away..."

Steve Foxx - Shockwave Magazine

“Marq-Paul LaRose brings great guitar licks and positive energy to all of his musical endeavors! It’s always a pleasure listening to his music or jamming with him in person. He’s pretty much the man!”

“In working with thousands of musicians and artists since 1997 as president of IndieHeaven.com, I seldom come across one who is as passionate and as dedicated to their craft as Marq-Paul. Not only is he an incredible guitarist, he is an incredible person. His heart and his art are excellent!”

“Marq-Paul is a skillful guitar player/composer and a masterful technician of his craft. He is creative, energetic, and fun. A true joy to listen too. I expect Marq to be a clear leader and pioneer in the innovation of modern electric guitar playing.”

“I met Marq-Paul 4 years ago through a mutual friend. I was preparing to shoot my first film and he was recommended as someone who could help with music. It turns out "help" was an enormous understatement. Marq-Paul is a musical genius. His amazing improv talent coupled with the vast amount of instruments he can play was a key factor in the film's success. I have since collaborated with Marq-Paul as often as possible. He is incredibly easy to work with and has a limitless stream of ideas and suggestions. I am in awe of his musical talent and am honored to have the good fortune of working with him.”

“M-P has a great attitude and is easy to work with, which is a huge relief during hectic production schedules. His innate ability to match the musical tone to the emotion of the scene results in spot-on deliverables.”