KEEZ (Brad Jones) / Press


SS - Oregonian

“Brad Jones is a Great Performer, But a better Producer working His way up River and throwing Down music Riffs for Some well known Artists. He's Also from BEND OREGON. Recently, Jones has Been in and out of Sony studio's quietly doing his thing and impressing a variety of L.A producers. Look For Jones to have his name on a variety of songwriters lists this summer.....-Gustavo-”


“Mr.Brad Jones.Brad is a songwriter and musician of the highest quality--a monster keyboardist steeped in the synth-funk sounds of the 70's and 80's. ”

“Jones’ musical skill — He made almost every sound on “No Strings,” guitars, bass, keys and drums included — dates back decades. His grandmother was a concert pianist in the mid-20th century, and her ability trickled down.”

“Even if you’re exclusively a fan of, I don’t know, Swedish death metal, you will not be able to stay still while listening to this record. Other cuts, like “The Catch” are trippy electronic instrumental numbers while the delectably poppy dance party returns for “Streetlights””