Marley Carroll / Press

“A lot of artists working to merge dance music's propulsive complications with straightforward songwriting structures aim for something as simply excellent as this, and they often fail; however, Carroll hits a direct bullseye with "The Hunter", and when the tart synth winds in about halfway through, it's one of those eye-widening moments that should happen more often.”

"Local multi-instrumentalist/DJ/producer Marley Carroll has a quiet, unassuming kind of genius. His is a sneak-attack of talent, his music cutting edge in a way that floats innocuously in the background, tickling at the subconscious with its itchy beats and warm tones. It falls into the ear easy, part dance music, part biorhythm, something that's been around forever and yet is wholly new."

"Luckily R&S / Cedars trumps the name game by oscillating its own contained – and tantalizingly brief – sound environment. Born out of dub-step’s generous negative space, “R&S” blossoms into a meditative excursion, merging thick bass with hopeful keys that pass like sun-rays along the wall."

"Short vocal snippets and a simple synthline pepper the tune, but the song's allure isn't so much in the notes as in the spaces between them."