Mark Wayne Glasmire / Press

“ We consistently hear from artists, country music’s diehard fans, and casual listeners that they like country music because of the stories, the realness, and the way the lyrics capture life. I personally love it for all of those reasons too so it’s refreshing when an artist comes along that has actually lived life and writes about it. That is the case with Mark Wayne Glasmire and his new album Life Goes On. He teaches us the lessons he has learned along the way with songs like the album’s opener “True Love Knows” and continues with “You Opened My Eyes”. He also takes the time to give listeners a positive vibe full of hope for a better tomorrow with cuts like “Shelter From The Storm,” “I Believe In You” and the albums lead single “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” This is a solid album from a very talented artist that captures the essence of what life is all about. Mark Wayne Glasmire’s Life Goes On is an invite to experience life with what it seems like”

Publisher - Todays Country