Mark Taylor / Press

"Mark Taylor’s quartet certainly is unlike any other performing in today’s jazz scene."

"Mark Taylor is a virtuoso instrumentalist...there is no one dealing with the french horn or the music the way he is."

Max Roach

"Taylor plays French horn boldly and lyrically..."

Bob Blumenthal - Atlantic Monthly

"An incisive soloist and a flexible front-line foil for Threadgill, Mark Taylor's French horn is alternately as fluid and limpid as Threadgill's flute, and as gnarly as his alto"


"...Of this year's Corner Store Syndicate Festival...the best sets were by french hornists: Mark Taylor mostly for his rapturous golden tone..."


“One might think that the French horn is a strange instrument for jazz, but in the hands of Mark Taylor these thoughts were proved wrong. Taylor and his group had a wonderful common language, a fact that was emphasized in his brilliant solo..."”

Marita Nyrhinen

“The French horn is a notoriously finicky beast to master in a fast-paced improv setting which is probably why not many players have made their mark with the instrument. Add Mark Taylor's name to the list of the chosen few.”

- Time Out New York