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“ "I've never heard a CD like this. Ever. Not from an "established" artist, not from a "new" artist. Period. The concept, both spiritually and musically, is fully human and even thoroughly divine. The execution is, well, between Mark Stephens and Michael Brecker you have Take 6 and a host of other heavies. The compositions, the arrangements. All are beautiful. Unpretentious and sublime." Kirk Whalum, saxophonist ”

Kirk Whalum - what people are saying...

“From the opening piano passages of this album I knew this project was something special…the vocals are superbly arranged and performed. The solos are played with melodic awareness, not just ripping scales up and down to show how fast one can play. In other words the notes mean something and it sounds like they belong where they’re placed. Mark’s production skills are quite evident in this album, real clean… and interesting changes that keeps drawing the listener into the music with something new. Hopefully this album will give Mark the visibility that he so richly deserves. ”

George Duke 1/28/12

“Mark Stephens - The Dream Of The Peaceful Warrior (2011) This CD by keyboard player Mark Stephens is the best album to come along in recent times, it bristles with energy, enthusiasm and great playing by all involved. I especially enjoyed the sax playing of the late Michael Brecker, who participated on the album, like Marcus Miller, Jonathan Butler, The Andreae Crouch Singers, Chaka Khan and several others. Mind-boggling stuff! ”

“The Dream Of The Peaceful Warrior with an unbelievable passion. Tightly packed with top notch musicians this album shines with an enormous energy, that I call: "Come on, man. Play it one more time!"”

““Mark has played with me on and off since just about the very beginning of my solo career. 17 years now! He's one of those great musicians who can be very supportive of the melody when he's backing you up, but when it's time for him to solo he can take over and shine with his own artistry. Definitely creative, and yes we've written some of my favorite songs together, "All Night Long" and "Butter".” – Boney James”

“Mark Stephens is the quintessential musician whose talents as a pianist / keyboardist and arranger / composer continue to carve an exclusive place in the world of music. His eagerly anticipated debut project features some of todays' most exciting Jazz Artists.”

“Amazing jazz pianist and composer Mark Stephens joined Josh during the Awake tour in 2007.”

“Talking Smooth Jazz welcomes jazz musician/producer/writer/composer Mark Stephens”

“BET on Jazz: The Jazz Channel Presents Chaka Khan Featuring "Mark Stephens"”

“These are all talented, noted musicians on today’s smooth jazz scene with an incredible discography to their credit as well as writing and producing credits. Stephens (keyboards) played with Josh Grobin, Diana Ross, Boney James, and Chaka Khan ”

““The Dream of the Peaceful Warrior” has Manifested! Mark Stephens is about to releases his debut album!”