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“I also fell in love with Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show and leader Mark Bush’s soft, melodic and overall lovely voice (I’m not sure he would want it described that way, however)”

“But like I said, very well done. It's like Sublime meets Wild Cherry meets... something else. I don't know. But it's good.”

James Campbell - Facebook

“I love the new work! The band brought a tasty, new element to your already savory songwriting”

“Mark's Midnight Carnival (the band)Together for only a few months now, they've been gigging tirelessly throughout Colorado They've earned a reputation for mellow, "easy on the ears" acoustic rock, and I just thought you might like their rich and bold, indie-o-coustic power-pop.”

“At its essence, a song is nothing more than a melody with a musical backing. Local singer songwriter Mark Bush, aka Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show, captures this essence on this self-titled record.”

“Several weeks ago, Pueblo West resident Mark Bush posted a note on Craig’s List, looking for other musicians to form a band with. His one-man show became a three-man band, and the trio is finding quick success.”

“Mark is a songwriter with a passion for performing. This Indie-Aggressive Acoustic Rocker attacks his music head on, layering intensely powerful vocals with a percussive acoustic sound rare and often unseen in the modern singer-songwriter. Now lead singer of Mark's Midnight Carnival Show!”

“F@#king AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Very original sound that flat out kicks ass! Can't wait to see you guys live. Sounds like you all have a good thing going. Keep up the good work and you'll all go far! Take care man! ”

Uncle Billybob - email sent to Scott

“Ridiculously talented local artists Mark Bush will be doing a special acoustic set at Indy Records get a taste of what our local scene has to offer!”

Independent Records - BE Independent

"Your original music is awesome!"

some guy at the Boondocks show - Ear