Mark Sipin / Press

“ Tearing that poor guitar to pieces, shredding it,,,,,I love it !!!!! ”

TheLadyStranger77 - youtube.com

“That is so fuckin owesome man, you guys ROCK, is the best cover I have ever seen in my whole life.... KEEP IT ON ROCKIN:::::!!!!!”

salazaravilah69 - youtube.com

“My ears just had an orgasm XD”

Teamillusion1 - youtube.com

“I saw smoke,I think I saw Flames,,,,Yep I did & sparks too... :)”

TheLadyStranger77 - youtube.com

“Awesome dude, I just got this Video from your Neighbor Brian, and you are awesome dude, keep it up, i know Its fun”

weaping11reaper - youtube.com

“ hey this video is great! One of the best so far. Keep up the good work Mark! ”

KerSkater - youtube.com

“ Great music play, Wonderful ! Thumbs up thanks. Watchyou2008”

Watchyou2008 - youtube.com

“ Man Mark, you guys should be in front of a huge audience. There is too much talent for a smaller venue. You guys need a few thousand people to be playing for. Really great lead by the way :D ”

“Just listened to voodoo chile.........AWESOME! I'm sitting here by myself with it cranked up!!!”

“To the rest of y'all, you NEED to see this extremely talented musician perform LIVE!!! ”

“mad skills!! ”

“Hell yeah dude... I think I see SMOKE!!! ”

“i had to listen to this one a few times! great melody, i like how you lead back into it after the first solo, just before you completely melt everyone's face off. ”

“ok that was hands down no bullshit the damdest fret play i have ever seen.”

“this is the best cove EVER (LA Woman cover by The Doors)”

“BAD ASS, verry kick ass version (LA Woman cover by The Doors)”

“you play it better then them i think hahah (LA Woman Cover by The Doors)”

“Wow! Gives me goosebumps! ”


“Mark is probably the hottest guitarist in Pittsburgh. Over and above that, his total productions are excellent, where he not only does the mastering, but masters ALL of the instruments. We need you in South Africa Mark - come on - do a tour!!! The locals should be proud of you and need to realise what they have in their community!!”

“It Rocks! author: John Awesome album Mark! This is the real deal - the way rock was meant to be played and performed. Old school style - when musicians were musicians. Keep rockin'! ”

“This album is simply amazing! What an incredible talent we have in Mr. Mark Sipin! Sea of Dreams is my absolute favorite. What an incredible amount of feeling and emotion flowing through this song! I look forward to following you along your musical journey and wish you all the musical success you so deserve”

“Rock lives again Mark Sipin has restored my faith in the gods of Rock and Roll. They're not dead after all. They were just very, very sleepy. Well, this collection has them wide awake once again. This CD is hard hitting, in your face Rock and Roll from beginning to end. It's a must have CD and worth every penny. If nothing else, you have to hear the completely sick guitar solo at the end of "King For a Day". It knocked my socks off. "She Uh Huh" is a great one too. You're girl friend will love it. So will your wife. I can think of 7 great reasons to buy this CD. Track 1, track 2, track 3... Get my point? I think Mark is on the cusp of stardom. I can't wait for more, and I don't think I'm the only one. ”

"Blown Away" I have recently purchased this CD and it ROCKS!!! I highly recommend you add this CD to your collection!! I don't ask too much from people, but when I see something that's worth it, I WILL pass on the information to y'all!!

“Old School Rocks! Simply put .... YOU ROCK!!!! ( Just like Old School ) with a modern twist! I absolutely LOVE " Sea of Dreams" and the Guitar riff at the beginning is incredible! And "Never Mind" in on my mp3 in my car and it's the PERFECT drive song to "road trip" doing 90!" ;) Your music and vocals are simply pure classic rock genre and they are amazing!!! I look forward to hearing more great music from Mark Sipin! Rock on! Barbi ”