Mark Sinnis / Press

“Mark Sinnis is one of the recent rare bronze and silver set vocal gems to hit the dark rock music scene. His vocal style is often described as “Cemetery & Western”. In listening to "A Southern Tale" it’s as deeply moving and lilting as any Romantigoth act with imagery that pulls ghostly love lost with undead creepiness all with a beautifully plucked and strummed country acoustic guitar. If you’re a fan of dark romance with eerie edges, dig this crooner up.”

Dr. Raven - Fangoria Magazine

“While a good deal of us are familiar with murder ballads, alt-folk and the like, “cemetery & western” was a new term to me until I heard Mark Sinnis’ new album. With an extensive resume within and beyond the New York underground, here we see him venture out into fresh territory with this noir landscape of songs. While the melodies are able to stand on their own, it’s easy to understand why critics have touted his vocal ability, comparing Sinnis to some of our best vocalists current and late. Neither over-sung nor muddled, the sound of "Into An Unhidden Future" is a unique experience.”

Jessika - Gothic Beauty Magazine

“Tall, dressed all in black, tattooed to the nth degree, Mark Sinnis took the stage with just his acoustic guitar. Sinnis’ energy definitely feeds off his punk roots, but what he’s doing lately isn’t punk. But this show sort of was, despite a mix of slow-to-midtempo songs about death. Most of them anyway.”

“A remarkably assured album this, and in many ways it must be quite funny for him, considering his punky past. I bet half his relatives are thinking, ‘he was bound to come to his senses eventually.’ Mature, melodic and at times as restful as it is haunting, this is really quite superb and as he’s releasing an album ever year you wonder when he’ll peak, because this is still just the ascent.”