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Markradonn / Press

" I think that Markradonn find a fine balance between esoteric and accessible creating innovative and creative music without alienating potential fans...Their black metal frills and occasional death metal riffs (And some totally insane solos) will actually encourage many fans to check them out even more. One of the things that makes Markradonn so appealing for me is their sick vocals, they have a certain harsh quality to them that is wholly unholy... Overall, Markradonn are indeed doing something experimental and new and the future seems bright for them."

"I find it extremely difficult, to put down in words, the various sounds heard on this record. The music itself is composed of so many different layers. For most parts, there is the basic death metal layer with some good technical riffs in it, and on top of that is laid another completely different layer of symphonic elements comprising of french horns, trumpets, trombones, timpani etc....Just as the various elements used in the songs, the direction of the songs themselves are quite unconventional and at times, unpredictable. The good thing about the unpredictability in the songs lies in the way the songs are executed and the cohesion between the various elements making up the music. I say unpredictable, because one second, the symphonic elements are setting the atmosphere, while the very next second, the listener is treated to a fast technical guitar solo. Though no matter how unpredictable, it is all handled in such a way that there is a lot of coherence in the song structures." 9/10

“In my opinion Markradonn are a very great sounding experimental death metal and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this ep. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Final Dying Breath" and "Frenzied Winter Sorrow". RECOMMENDED BUY.”

“DUDE! I just listened to [new demo song] Internal Hate [Unbounded] ...Fucking speechless...just WOW!!! The sheer scale of that track...the album is going to mindfuckingly epic! Thanks for sharing it with me! I really am lost for words to describe what I just heard...! Incredible! Bring that fucking album ON!!!”

“I like your dark songwriting!!”

“I like how you executed the tunes, and it became something that always people called it as "ART", FANTASTIC WORK !”

“Great heavy and original sound! Great vocals, and wonderful guitar work! Very cool!!!”

“Hails Markradonn....we can't wait to hear Ceremonial Abnegation!! Markradonn is orchestral, anthemic, and pure metal! "I now dwell in the totality of my sorrow...."”

“man, we love it, so damn original!!! \m/”

“Listening to [Frenzied Winter Sorrow]. Man, that drummer shreds. The guitars and rest of the band are BLAST Beat cool.”

“Markradonn fuckin rules!”

“A progressive style of Blackened Metal with an added touch of each sub-genre of metal from the minds of Markradonn! Thrash, Black, Power, Death, and pieces of every type of style in metal all mixed together to make some killer tunes”

“Wow. Very innovative yet reminds us of early Satyricon recordings. Raw and rugged just how it should be...Some of the guitar solos remind me of Cacophony.”

“You have the most interesting project going that I have read about in years. Real Potential here...”

“Such power! You have that great unique sound! I see your star rising”

“Just listened to your work and I find it unique in an ocean of Death Metal. It is refreshing to hear innovation and diversity. You are onto something ”

“Awesome sound. Very powerful. A Dark symphony. I think your music is awesome.”

“Blazing talent!!”

“Thank God not everyone goes for formula rock or boring screaming death or any other imagination-less droll. Love the symphonic nature of your music combined with the crazy fast guitars. Rock on.”

“Wow!!!!!! Love the Epic Metal sound on this song [Final Dying Breath]. Very good Musicianship and Killer Guitar Solos. I want to hear More, More, More. Good Production/Mix as well...NICE... I liked it so much I played it three times!”

“A very interesting concept...Such a broad array of instruments, it is refreshing to hear that you guys are taking the time to do things properly...Keep up the great work! (*Click here for an interview with Gerry of FEEDBACK Magazine*)”

“Oh man, the boss LOVES this... (*click here for interview with LEX LUTHER*)”

“Very interesting approach to vocals. An orchestral, wall-of-sound approach. Would love to hear more!”

"Final Dying Breath"... I love the drums and the way you mixed the vocals. Very scary, but tight!

“Nice pissed off vocals!”