Mark Radcliffe / Press

"Mark Radcliffe is an undeniable talent, a singer/songwriter in the mold of Duncan Shiek, David Gray or Kenny Loggins."

"For all you music lovers out there looking for a musician with catchy hooks, professional instrumentation, unforgettable lyrics and a voice to top it all off, look no further."

Swift Reviews

"Mark Radcliffe is my kind of emerging live performer."

Pen's Eye View

"The Sea Before Us is an album you can’t just listen to once. You have to play it over and over, to catch every little thing Mark is singing about and then you have to play it again and again, simply because its one of the best albums that you’ve heard in ages."

Mossip/ Live Journal

"With nods to acts like The Eagles and Jackson Browne, Radcliffe spins tails of love and loss in easy, cultured pop arrangements that are hard not to like."

Wildy's World

"There’s not a bad song to be found on The Sea Before Us."

Mossip/ Live Journal

"The Celebutante Sisters have a new soundtrack: “The Sea Before Us,” by musician Mark Radcliffe. Whether we’re getting ready to hit a party, hitting the road, or just taking in a lazy Sunday, you can often hear Mark’s voice crooning in the background."

Celebutante Sisters

"If the Eagles and Jack Johnson had a baby…"

author Marc Oromaner

"Sometimes you stumble across an album just clicks with you, the music and lyrics fit perfectly and you just can’t stop listening to it. That’s Mark Radcliffe’s The Sea Before Us."

Mossip/ Live Journal

““It’s as if Chris Isaak’s slightly more ironic cousin came to town, popped open his guitar case and gave you a piece of his mind."”

Stephen Curry

"His jams remind us of a mix of three J’s: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz."

Celebutante Sisters