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“Mark Preston On Judith Regan Show Email: spotlight3records@yahoo.com Website: http://www.spotlightrecords.biz With a change in his career and a new direction this former Lettermen is going to talk to Judith Regan about what he has coming up and his new project. Mark Preston, a former member of the internationally known vocal group, The Lettermen, has decided to return to his solo career and has a new project that he is very excited about. Drawing from his experience of almost 10 years and 1500 performances as a member of The Lettermen, Mark said this tribute “was created with respect and with an attention to detail of the original sound of the group’s hits. For this group, I have two other singers with me, Ric Steel and Tom Garrett, both extremely talented men. The show will air on Sirius/XM Radio, channel 107, at 7 p.m. on Nov. 16th. You can access more information on Mark Preston at www.markprestonsinger.com. ”

"Mark Preston is one of the finest entertainers in show business today"...Variety Magazine

Variety Magazine