Mark Newman / Press

““Newman can play just about anything with frets and strings (guitar, Dobro, lap steel, mandolin). This mix of first-class originals (“Medicine Marie”) and eclectic covers (“Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl,” “White Bird”) proves he’s at the head of the class.” ”

Vintage Guitar

“Those who want singer/songwriter stuff with a soulful bite will enjoy this one.”

Sun Herald (Biloxi, MS)

"What you'll notice about his playing is its clarity of tone and how he has integrated it into the overall flow of each song. His songs aren't simply excuses for him to unleash blistering guitar solos or to show off in any manner, they are fully crafted pieces of work made up of more than just his own talents on stringed instruments."

“Music is simple and straightforward as far as singer-songwriter Mark Newman is concerned. Unambiguously influenced by 60s and 70s pop-rock, the robustly crafted songs on this album recalls the likes of Van Morrison, Donald Fagan, Boz Scaggs, Steve Miller & Lindsay Buckingham. Good news for fans of that special musical epoch.”

“From the first few measures, Walls of Jericho captures its musical prey – you and me… Mark Newman’s rolled out a solid album that should turn some heads. Give this guy a listen, and maybe a couple of spins, in order to get into his straightforward style.”

“It's a strong slice of urban Americana that jumps around stylistically, while retaining enough of an artistic focus to make it a real album, instead of just a collection of songs...Overall Walls of Jericho is well worth a listen for any fan of acoustic music, singer/songwriters, electric pop/rock . . . really, any listener who wants to get turned on to a great talent wouldn’t go wrong by checking this record out. ”

“After only one run through of Walls Of Jericho, it is immediately apparent that you are listening to a master craftsman, blending blues, rock 'n' roll, funk, folk …”

“It's not often you come across a fairly new player with an incredibly sharp classic sound. That's certainly the case with Mark Newman. His new album just rocks. Newman's middle of the road rock style is one winning formula..."Walls of Jericho" instantly puts you in a great mood. It's a very positive album, catchy and memorable.”

“A great pop/rock CD with a wide breadth of memorable music and musicianship, Walls Of Jericho is a splendid introduction to the music of Mark Newman. Accurately described as a triple threat musician, Newman’s music and vocals are truly first rate while his guitar work is nothing to scoff at.”

“With a deep voice perfect for blues and Southern rock, Newman seems poised to take the reins as the next rough and tough grassroots superstar.”

Daily Tar Heel, University of North Carolina

“Newman creates musical environments that surround his poetic lyrics in tasty soundscape vistas that accentuate but never intimidate this message, mainly that no matter how cynical the adult in one gets, the answer lies in attempting to rediscover the unbridled optimism of childhood.”

“If there is a complaint I have with Mark Newman’s latest release, ‘Must Be A Pony’ it is that it is too short.”

All Access Magazine

“Fans of ‘70’s styled guitar rock rejoice – there’s a new hero in town and his name is Mark Newman…Newman carries on the tradition with style. The man can rock and pull the blues out of his guitar…This is one of the best albums of the year for the genre.”

“Mark Newman has delivered an album full of memorable songs which recall the best of bands such as Little Feat, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the melodic side of The Allman Brothers, resulting in a fantastic listen for fans of those artists, or quality rock as well.”

Rock N Roll Universe

“Newman presents solidly constructed, bare bones pop songs. Catchy in an Allman Bros. kind of way, they swing and groove comfortably in and around each other...Overall, a solid engaging bit of American songwriting.”

The Aquarian Weekly (New Jersey)

“Newman plays dark, mood laden roots rock Americana that invokes the sound of Ry Cooder’s earlier work, Lowell George-era Little Feat (minus all the jam sessions), and Robin Trowers more laid back material. ”