Mark McKinney / Press

“Red Dirt fans have an extra reason to celebrate with the single release of Mark McKinney's Texas Music anthem "Stompin' Ground."”

“Mark McKinney’s CD Get It On will be a featured release on iTunes starting Tuesday. And then in August, he will be traveling to France to play the Equiblues festival as well as play the Texas/OU tailgate party in October.”

“WORLD TRAVEL I’ve heard from Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris (see her take below) and Mark McKinney’s peeps that they all had a blast when they went to France for the big Country Festival.”

“Austin’s Southern rocker Mark McKinney stepped in to give the crowd a taste of his unique Texas sound.”

“Mark McKinney is a singer and songwriter from Austin, TX, whose rowdy blend of country and rock and swaggering style have earned him a loyal following in the Lone Star State and a rising profile on the national country scene.”

“He’s an unrepentant hillbilly rocker from the word go. I dig the snarly, punk-ish drawl in his voice and the pedal-to-the-metal drive in this production. ”

“Mark McKinney is glowing in some neon lights these days as they announced he has signed a regional sponsorship deal with Anheuser Busch.”

“While Saturday's Hawkfest on the Howard College Campus will be fun and games for many area residents and students, it will serve as a homecoming for at least one Crossroads native, as country music sensation Mark McKinney returns home to perform. ”