Mark Mathews / Press

“Not only is the album great, but the inspiration for it is just as good. Apparently the album was inspired by a giant anaconda. Yep, is that not the best inspiration for an album you've heard of? Way better than break ups or life troubles if you ask me.”

“Bringing Bob Dylan into the 21st century”

“The single has ears cupped in a melodic hug straight away, the alluring acoustic start matched in potency by the darker hues of the bass. They are quickly joined by the strong and inviting tones of Mark, his vocals continuing the warm beginning yet holding an edge and intensity which is soon seeping into the catchy chorus and the overall drama of the track.”

“Mark Mathews is a singer from Britain who does good things with a guitar; his last EP, 2012’s Moments and Movements, is an interesting kind of Americana pop.”

“HARD FOOT BLUES opens with a jaunty folk-blues swagger. The solid production of the track gives us our first glimpse into the mind of Mr Mark Mathews (with one 't' -and dont you forget it) and the uptempo beat and strong indie melody sounds quietly promising. It's a welcome opening which hopefully has set the scene for the rest of the record.”

“Full of melody that would make a wolverine purr, topped off with slightly distorted flowing solos all the way through to the bitter end”

“Much-feted singer songwriter Mark Mathews has had more effusive compliments thrown his way than a Tracey Emin colouring-in piece. He plays honest songs with a 60s hook and doesn't suffer by being compared to Noel Gallagher at his most astute and rhythmically concise. Background info suggests he was once a porn star. If he has starred in any grumble flicks, we're sure he'd make the whole thing seem less dirty than it actually is. Anyone in love with music should get a look at this Camden-based award-nominated dude. ”

Dirty South

“With an apparent Beatles influence evident, Mark Mathew's music is beautifully interpreted & re-crafted, without sounding like a tacky cover. Acoustic Artists are always in danger of sounding the same, but Mark's music is fresh sounding, captivatingly interesting & much better live. Mark knows what he wants & certainly knows how to get it. It's clear to see the pure determination this guy has, & that is what makes his music inspiring. Putting it simply, Mark Mathews has genuine talent, and is one to look out for in the near future & beyond”

“He embodies the mid nineties Brit music scene at it's best; Mark Mathews' refreshing blend of funk, Indie and rock n' roll makes him a dangerous talent that could dethrone Brit rock Gods such as Oasis and The verve. His music is full of London angst and self- deprecating lyrics. Amazingly cheeky and observant, Mark is anything but a pretentious isolated folk artist; realism and humour can be just as poetic if not more relevant to his listeners...However tongue and cheek his lyrics maybe Mark still manages to retain his artistic integrity and can really churn out magical lyrics. In his track 'It goes out the window' Mark portrays the ups and down of a tempestuous relationship, a real emotional ride. Mark Mathews is a genuinely talented artist with an ability to totally engross his audience in his sung stories. Possibly singer songwriter of 2007. ”

“Mark Mathews was just amazing. He even managed to keep 'AlvinA' Rob quiet throughout his set as he sat there open-mouthed & clapping like a loon at the end. I love his stuff, his EP is top notch, but live? Fucking awesome =) x I recommend this dude 110%. ”